Get instant access to our supportive community of makers + creative entrepreneurs. Our community is a “room of requirement” for co-working and co-creating, a place to share your grand ideas and find hands to help make them reality. We work together to support each other through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship with skill sharing, collaboration and creative gatherings. Our community has been used to test ideas, launch new brands, and create new products. Choose how much or how little time you invest in our community based on your responsibilities-whether you just dip your toes in occasionally or make the most of our community by diving right into leadership, there is a place for you.


OMHG has always operated more like a social enterprise than a business and now we’re making it official! Your membership makes you a community citizen and gives you a voice and vote on our future. You are a key decision maker in the leadership and future of OMHG!  Be an active participant in our community forums and join in every year on May 1st for our virtual annual general meeting.  Vote for new collaborative projects, community improvements, define our mission statement and sign up for leadership roles. As our membership grows we will make collaborative decisions about where we invest community profit and how to best support established and emerging creatives.


A great community needs a team where everyone is invested in making awesomeness happen. Our community needs leaders like you (even if you haven’t realized you are ready to lead!). Community members are invited to take on leadership roles to build OMHG, gain experience and build confidence as leaders in a supportive environment.  Interested in learning more about blogging, working with contributors and editorial schedules? Become an assistant editor. Want to reach 1000s of people with your ideas for community + creativity? Become a social media leader and use OMHG’s social reach to host conversations and gather creatives. Positions are voluntary for now but Marketplace managers & collaborative product leaders can earn commission/compensation.

Peer Support:

Businessy goodness is a large part of our community but unlike many business focused online forums we also encourage open sharing of the realities of entrepreneurship and living a creative life. We realize that building a vibrant business is not separated from things like love, loss, parenthood, mental wellness, physical health or economic factors. These are all freely discussed in our supportive, non-judgemental community. A foundation of OMHG is the belief that by sharing the truth of our experiences we can overcome them with a little help from our friends.  Whether you are having a rough week or rocking your business we’re there with encouragement and support.

Co-working groups:

Entrepreneurship can be lonely or isolating but with a community at your back it doesn’t have to be. Use our community space to toss ideas around, get feedback on your projects, or ask for help where you are stuck.  Join or start your own Community Groups with group chat, forum, and calendar. With your membership you have the chance to create the co-working space you’ve always dreamed of.

Increase your reach:

Members are encouraged to be regular OMHG contributors and share their goodness with our larger community. This is a great opportunity to build influence and credibility by sharing your ideas with our readership of 1500-2000+, daily visitors, social network and 5000+ email subscribers. Once you are a member request contributor status and you’ll get access to the Contributor group + dashboard where you can submit, edit and see when your posts are scheduled along with a public listing on our contributor page.

Skill sharing & mentorship:

OMHG shares information freely through our blog and community submissions but the forums is where we get to put all that goodness into action! Join or host a video work party to learn or share skills and add to our collective body of knowledge. In our forums no one is the expert but everyone has expertise to share! From the basics of watercolour painting to community critiques on your latest projects each of us knows lots of things and the forums are the place to share with confidence. We mentor each other drawing on our diverse experiences and skills to create a network of open sharing and peer mentorship.

Get involved & grow:

Since 2010 OMHG has been instrumental in helping hundreds (or more!) entrepreneurs get a leg up and find the support they need to grow into confident creative leaders. By becoming an active contributor to building our positive community members have seen their businesses flourish and their self-assurance soar. We are proof that the answer to “what could you do with a community cheering you on?” is absolutely anything!

Annual General Party: 

Our annual general party is a virtual gathering that takes place May 1st of each year in the forums where members can help direct the future of our community, sign up for leadership roles, and craft our offerings for the coming year.

Events & Gatherings:

Our first annual gathering will be a community led Maker’s Retreat, October 17-22nd at Hollyhock on Cortes Island. Find all the details on how we are crafting this first event together here.

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