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On The Road Again


“It’s a road trip! It’s about adventure!”
John Green, An Abundance of Katherines

Just as she returns home from making preparations for the Maker’s Retreat this October, Jess will be out the door + on the road again – with me at the helm.

On August 1st (that’s less than two weeks), we’ll be hitting the open road along with a handful of other fabulous Canadian* bloggers for the first-ever Etsy Road Trip Canada! Yes. Really!

We’ll be meeting local Etsy sellers, shopping their handmade goods, hearing their stories, enjoying the sweet sounds of live music, eating good (mmm…local) food, and celebrating the maker movement.

We’re expecting it will be just as magical (if not more) than it sounds. There are stops in Montreal, Ottawa, Kingston, and Toronto, which means plenty of opportunity to share in the goodness of community on this nine-day road trip + you are more than welcome to join us along the way.

If you’re too far away to partake in person, don’t fret: you’re invited to join the adventure through Twitter + Instagram. Just share your road trip memory or vacation photos using the tag #EtsyRoadTrip for a chance to be highlighted on Etsy.com and / or Etsy’s social channels.

Local or long-distance, travel brings us together through experience + exploration, so while we’re getting ready for this amazing excursion, we want to hear about your travels. Where have you gone + what are some of the treasures you’ve found while on the road?

Until then,
Darice :-)

P.S. We’d also love to hear about the must see places in Montreal, Ottawa, Kingston, and Toronto. Do you know of a great shop, art studio, or gallery? Maybe you or one of your favorite Etsy makers is nearby? Do tell!

* Sadly, I am not Canadian. But I do love maple trees + Oh My! + Jess…so it all evens out. ;-)