Homework Assignment: Find Your Ideal Role

the hedgehog concept, allisa jacobs, perideau designs

For creative folks, the struggle isn’t so much in developing an idea, but in determining which of many ideas to pursue. Sometimes it’s as if there are just too many choices. Factor in a wide range of talents and entrepreneurial spirit, and choosing a path can be purely mind-spinning. Plus, if we’re trying to balance family relationships or fulfill financial obligations, then it gets even more complicated.

Personally, I’m often overwhelmed trying to figure out what’s the “right” direction for my business, family, personal fulfillment, and career. This is where the “Hedgehog Concept” comes in. More than just a cute name, this concept provides a framework for people and businesses to discover their path for greatness. Developed by Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, the Hedgehog Concept is such a fantastic tool when brainstorming business ideas, pursuing new opportunities, and contemplating a career/life change. With three thoughtful questions, the framework helps us identify the point of intersection, the Hedgehog, for our dreams and acumen.

Collins’ book and website delve more into the research behind The Hedgehog Concept (which I find positively compelling!) and you can also find more resources here, but let’s get to the heart of it all: the framework.

1. What are you deeply passionate about? Determine what drives and motivates you more than anything else. Collins reminds us that passion cannot be manufactured; we must discover it within us. Focusing on what we are truly enthusiastic about leads us to our ideal role.

2. What can you be best in the world at? Sift through what you are competent in, what you cannot be the best at, and what you can be the best in the world at. Collins stresses it is not what you want or hope to be the best at; knowing what you can be the best in the world is what’s crucial.

3. What drives your economic engine? Essentially, understand what you can do that will actually generate healthy, sustainable income. By answering these questions thoughtfully and honestly, we can look to the point of intersection to find our own Hedgehog, our ideal role.

To help us in this journey, Bridgett from Perideau Designs has created the framework as a fantastic pdf download – a visual reminder of what we’ve got and where we’re headed!

To download just click the image below for your worksheet & click the top image to download the concept

the  hedgehog concept printable, allisa jacobs, perideau designs