On Thursday Fill A Hour with Goodness

#OMHG Twitter chat, Illustration by Gaia Cornwall

Unicorns, cupcakes, and the coolest people ever-oh my! Every week between 20-50 creative entrepreneurs gather on Twitter to talk about topics related to our monthly OMHG themes, share our successes & struggles, connect, collaborate and fill the internet with goodness for one never-long-enough hour. Our chats started in February of 2011 as a way to take online connections one step further (+ have tea & cake together) and have grown into a weekly ritual for our community. We often have co-hosts join to share their knowledge and always leave refreshed, empowered, and supported. A huge thanks to the massively talented Gaia Cornwall for offering to create our chat illustration-she perfectly captured our spirit (unicorns & all!).


Our chats are unscripted except for a topic and we have no rules except be kind & respectful but these tips will make sure you can dive right in and feel at home with us:

  • We meet every Thursday from 1-2pm EST on Twitter with the hashtag #OMHG
  • Our chats can be busy so expect tweets to be flying! The best way to follow along is by visiting our chat room http://twubs.com/omhg,  this will automatically add the #OMHG hashtag to your tweets so you can spend more time chatting + archives the tweets so you can read up on them later.
  • Tweet Tip: If things are going too fast for you change the Feed Speed in Twubs to Slow/Slowest or pause the stream to catch up!
  • Real friendships are made here-the kind that fill you right up and feeling like your bestest self. Come wanting to make those connections and making others feel awesome & leave with new cheerleaders in your pocket!
  • Say hello! The first 5 minutes of our chat are for hellos & we use the last 10 minutes to share our own projects.
  • Please don’t shout out your products/sales/events until the last 10 minutes of our chat-it is distracting to the conversation to hear someone yelling about their super-awesome-sale! We want to hear what you are working on but we save the best part for last:)


Don’t be scared off because we have “handmade” in our name-all creative entrepreneurs are welcome to join us, the thing that makes us awesome is our diversity! We have wildly different skills, locations, perspectives, colours, ages, faiths, business sizes, and expertise but are united by a love of supporting each other along on this creative journey. We have busy lives but manage to juggle kids, time zones, to-do lists, day-jobs, and appointments to converge for one magic hour every week.

Do you have an #OMHG story to share? Have our chats inspired you, sparked a collaboration, changed your business, introduced you to new amazing friends? Tell us about it! Share your submission with our community on our submission page.