Planners & Procrastinators: Welcoming Your Holiday Shoppers

Ink + Wit Stamp Set, holiday packaging, small business tipsImage: Ink + Wit stamp set

Procrastinating husbands, frugal teachers, savvy mothers, hopeful boyfriends, thoughtful friends, computer nervous grandparents, undecided brothers….these are your holiday shoppers. During the holidays, we shop owners need to think beyond our typical market and imagine who else may fall in love with our brand and want to share it with others.

Ways to welcome all types of shoppers during the holiday rush:

For the procrastinators:  Offering direct shipping to the recipient makes it easier for buyers to send their gifts far and wide. Also, it takes the load off frantic last-minute buyers, ensuring gifts will be happily received, just in time. Managing addresses can take a bit of extra time, but this additional service can be a deciding factor for many buyers who put off their holiday shopping.

For the planners:

merriweather gift wrap

If one is great, four must be better! Consider ways of pairing and grouping products to please those buyers who want to cross a lot off their shopping list all at once. Maybe it’s a woman shopping for all her sisters-in-law, parents finding gifts for their children’s teachers, or grandparents hoping to make each child happy….all of these buyers will jump with joy for gift sets. Offering products in multiples like four cold-pressed soaps or in gift sets such as a personalized plate and cup make shopping and gift-giving so much easier! Example: gift wrap from Merriweather Council

For the indecisive:

sarah jane studios gift cardGift certificates – these are for the buyers who know that their special someone will just adore your shop, but they’re just not sure exactly what to get.  For some, too many choices can leave them uncertain, so make it easy, and offer a user-friendly gift card experience for both buyer and the final recipient. Example: Gift card from Sarah Jane Studios

For the timid:

olliegraphic sets

Some people may have reservations about purchasing handmade or shopping online. As shop owners, we can sometimes forget that some folks are new to our amazing community. To welcome these buyers, make ordering easy and streamlined.  Maybe it’s explaining the checkout steps, offering details about credit card processing, or encouraging people to ask you questions – a little reassurance can go a long way. I’m excitedly approaching my fourth holiday season and have welcomed all types of shoppers during the hustle and bustle. I’ve found that providing a little extra not only makes for a very merry season, but keeps buyers coming back well into the new year. Example: Gift set from olliegraphic

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  1. Alice says:

    Great post! Thank-you for the tips. We’ve done a Christmas gift pack this year and it’s been hugely successful already! We had to be a bit creative as most people don’t buy nappies as a Christmas present 🙂

  2. Allisa says:

    Appreciate all the feedback!

    Writing this post really made me think about what type of shopper I am..and I have to admit, I’m a procrastinator! Always impressed with all those planners out there….

    • Jessika says:

      Me too Allisa! I am definitely a procrastinator-I’ve tried to pretend otherwise but when it comes to holiday shopping I am usually not done until the week before Christmas & up late frantically adding on last minute touches to my handmade gifts. I think there are lots of us out there-though I do envy the planners a little. Thanks for this awesome post Allisa!

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