Trust Your Inner Awesome (and pass it along)

Trust Your Inner Awesome printable encouragement cards

At The Maven Circle, we believe in unleashing and trusting your inner awesome! What does that mean exactly?

Trusting your inner awesome is about bringing your authentic self to the table everyday.

It’s about taking care of yourself so that your inner spirit can radiate out.

It’s being concerned what others might say or think but doing it anyway.

It’s ultimate accountability, because when you trust your awesome and follow through with it, it’s all about you and your decisions.

It’s making friends with risk– you might feel scared, but do it anyway because you know what your awesome is capable of.

It’s harnessing your own power, potential and creativity according to your ideas.

It’s having the courage to pursue big projects, ones that feel too big to manage and remembering, “oh right, I’ve conquered bigger mountains than this.”

It’s learning from your mistakes and seeing them as gifts on your path to fabulous.

It’s trying new things and believing in your potential to learn and grow.

It’s listening to your inner voice and letting it guide you along life’s twists and turns.

Trusting your inner awesome is all about YOU!

So to remind you of all the awesome power and potential you have within, we created some printable cards for you!


Trust Your Inner Awesome printable encouragement cards

Step 1: Print, cut and for an added level of extra awesomeness, decorate! We kept them kind of plain so that your markers, paint pens, glitter, sequins, thread and whatever else you have up your crafty sleeves can make an appearance too.
Step 2: Display where you can see it with cute washi tape or a pin. Or punch a couple holes in each corner and hang with thread, a pipe cleaner or wire!
Step 3: Spread the awesomeness! Each card was made to fit in a standard size envelope- send some happy mail to anyone who could use a reminder of just how awesome they are!
And we’re gonna “AWESOME” it forward, too! *The first 4 people to like this post on facebook, and first 4 to RT on twitter will receive a decked out trust your inner awesome card from us, just for you 🙂
Because another essential element of trusting your inner awesome is to spread your joy, to share with others, to give to yourself so that you can give more to the world!
*We want to see your decorated cards too! Snap a pic and share with us on twitter or instagram with the hashtag #tyia. 
Now, get movin’ with your gloriously awesome selves and spread the love!


  1. Love what you wrote. I think so much comes down to just following your instinct, right?

    My studio is getting all filled up with positive affirmations from OMHG. Love that!

    I was at a meeting the other day sharing a big vision. I kept saying over and over to myself “you really deserve to be here”. What you wrote about courage really hit home.

    Thank you. You are a vitamin!


  2. Yay!! So glad you ladies like the post, and cards!

    Colleen, “you are a vitamin” is one of the best compliments I’ve ever gotten 🙂 And I love that you thought “you deserve to be here”, that’s amazing! and true!

    Lisa- mousepad? brilliant idea! hmm…

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