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A chat about money and creativity with maven, Luna Jaffe

maven minutes chat with luna jaffe for omhg

When we heard from Jessika that she was looking for posts around money this month, we were like, hmm…what could we say about money? What do we know about money? We came up with a collective, “uh, not much.”

We are mavens in many ways, but mavens in money matters? Not our specialty.

But you know what we are pretty great at? Finding the right people to help when we need it!

As soon as our brains started swirling around about money, we immediately thought of our Portland friend, Luna Jaffe. As both an artist and certified financial planner, she has a unique perspective on how creativity and money can work together. Jen took a class from her and learned so much about how to start developing a new relationship with money, so we thought she’d be the perfect person to ask to help us impart some financial knowledge to the OMHG crew, and learn a little something ourselves!

So we set up our camera in her pretty office bustling with members of her team, sweet dogs, and original art coloring the walls, and asked her a couple questions related directly to creative entrepreneurs, like us-

What is the biggest financial pitfall that creative business owners should be aware of?

And, what would you say to someone who considers themselves too right-brained, or creative, to deal with the whole money thang?

Check out her insightful answers in our short Maven Minutes video below!

{You can learn more about Luna here, and be sure to check out her kickstarter project to raise funds to publish her new book series, Wild Money, a financial guide made specifically for artists and creatives!}

She mentions so many things we wish we had known when we were beginning our own businesses. And things we’re only starting to realize now, like just how important it really is to have a team of support around you and other professionals you can rely on to help with the stuff you’re not so great at, or just don’t want to spend your time on (I have got to get myself a darn bookkeeper already!)

Being avid DIYers ourselves, we know it can be hard to relinquish some reins around our business, but when it comes to wanting to see that business grow into something truly sustainable and successful, you just can’t do it all on your own.

Which nugget of advice from Luna stuck with you from this interview? Where do you think you can improve in terms of how you manage your money, or think about money? Let us know in the comments below so we can continue the conversation!

Be sure to mark your calendars because the Maven Circle is joining us on Thursday February 28th to co-host a chat on money + strategy for creatives at #OMHG from 1-2pm EST.