On shedding your light this holiday :: A prayer for the creatives among us


A prayer for the creatives among us, Tracey Selingo, Oh My! Handmade

You are magic.

May you source your creativity by the light of the moon and in the midst of the morning’s orange glow.

May you know (deeply, intimately know) the power of your creative genius…the way it shapes thought, delivers joy and sparks the creative genius of those lucky enough to find enrichment through your work. May you find the value in bringing your dreams to reality using nothing more than your keyboard, thread, acrylics, yarn, camera or whatever tool you use to weave your woo in this world.

May you allow yourself the time to stand in one moment of every day and relish your ability to share your soul with the world. And in doing so may you realize that profit isn’t measured in dollars and cents, but in time spent doing what you love for those willing to invest in your passion.

May you take the time to nourish your mind, body and soul so that you always have the energy to create more magic. May you find the space to breathe as you breathe life into your work.

And may the world receive you in all your glory.

Editor’s note: Need a time out to remember your magic during this hectic holiday season? Join Tracey Selingo & I for an #OMHG chat on finding peace and shining your light this Thursday December 13th from 1-2pm EST!


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