Author: Tracey Selingo

A little summer souvenir…

Happiness HorizonDear Summer:

Thank you for showing up again and shining your radiate light. You always have such a subtle way of reintroducing me to peace and happiness; of reminding me how good a long day can be with just a little extra light; of reconnecting me to the power of earth energy that supports my (sometimes) weary bones.

Thank you for your gentle winds and your wild colors, your delicate birdsongs and your quenching rains.

And know that I offer especially deep gratitude for the way you showed me this year that the only thing separating heaven and earth is my own little belief that I can’t enjoy heaven on earth unless I’m on vacation—that was a lesson worth packing up and bringing home. After all…happiness doesn’t rest on the horizon, it rests within the soul.

Much love,


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Three Easy Ways To Make The Most Of A Campfire

Rustic Cabin Campfire Antique Metal Sign, by ZietlowsCustomSigns on
Rustic Cabin Campfire Antique Metal Sign, by ZietlowsCustomSigns on

There’s a sacred connection to campfire storytelling and it lies in pulling the veil back so that you share a piece of yourself by the crackling flames. You share your struggle, your fears, your hopes, your dreams. The connection is made in the stillness of your truth. And in doing that you find that truth is universal. Dreams are shared. Fears bubble under the surface, synchronized to the rhythm hearts, everywhere.

When you give voice to these aspects of yourself, by a campfire, you don’t just invite others to share the journey with you, you also learn how similar all journeys really are.

So as you write and blog and work and tinker and dream and grow your business day in and day out, don’t forget the power of the campfire. As you go along in your day to day, remember that the campfire of your business can’t burn very bright without you seated by the fire. Don’t be intimidated by the hundreds of people, gathered from all corners of the world, seated in a circle ready, willing and eager to hear the story of your business as it relates to you. It’s the personal connection that makes the connection. Infuse it in all you do.

It’s easy, you just need to…

Show up.

Show up on good days and on bad days, be honest and authentic. Don’t get too caught up in “crafting” the perfect story. Instead, spend your time crafting the real story, that’s the story the world needs to hear. This is the story that brings your products, and the promise within each of them, to life.

Bring treats.

S’mores anyone? Offer a little sweetness any way you can. Sometimes this is a smile. Sometimes it’s a treat. Your circle of customers love to be rewarded in little ways. It could be as simple as taking the time to send a written thank you note or as generous as a special discount for repeat customers. Whatever you plan to do, share wisely.

Listen, very, very carefully.

When you share your story, your customers share theirs. When you listen to their story you find the opening of where your stories connect. Somewhere in that opening is a way for you to improve your customers’ experience around your campfire. You just need to open to the process of receiving this information.

What is the real story of your brand, you know, the one where you actually share the love and passion that you invest in every waking, working minute? Are you telling that story right now? And if not, why not?

The ethics of your shine


When you think about ethics you think about the rules of conduct related to business, community, society at large. If you consider ethics at a micro level, though, you need to consider the ethics of you first. Your ethos is the pathway for a truly blissful life.

This is the framework of your soul. A divine blueprint. The guiding principles of your beautiful life. While that may sound mysterious, it’s really not. You may think you’re not in touch with this, but you are. You’re always in touch with your principles. You’re equipped with a comfort-zone of knowing that calibrates and recalibrates you back to the truth of your essence second by life-changing second. These are your rules of conduct as they pertain to your best self.

Rest with that for a moment: your rules of conduct pertain to your best self.

When you operate from this perspective, you stay within your comfort zone. You choose wisely. You move fearlessly. You advance effortlessly. When you compromise your rules, you feel the friction at the heart and gut level.

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