The ethics of your shine


When you think about ethics you think about the rules of conduct related to business, community, society at large. If you consider ethics at a micro level, though, you need to consider the ethics of you first. Your ethos is the pathway for a truly blissful life.

This is the framework of your soul. A divine blueprint. The guiding principles of your beautiful life. While that may sound mysterious, it’s really not. You may think you’re not in touch with this, but you are. You’re always in touch with your principles. You’re equipped with a comfort-zone of knowing that calibrates and recalibrates you back to the truth of your essence second by life-changing second. These are your rules of conduct as they pertain to your best self.

Rest with that for a moment: your rules of conduct pertain to your best self.

When you operate from this perspective, you stay within your comfort zone. You choose wisely. You move fearlessly. You advance effortlessly. When you compromise your rules, you feel the friction at the heart and gut level.

There’s always going to be friction. Your comfort zone isn’t always a comfort zone for everyone in your world. Your zone is as individual as you. So when your needs and actions appear counter-culture the rest of the world might get a little twitchy. Such is life, stay strong.

When you’re outside of someone else’s comfort zone, you may appear to then to be too too: too big, too shiny, too bright, too beautiful, too smart, too risky, too fun, too loving, too giving, too kind, too focused, too ambivalent. They may try to silence you, squish your dreams or secretly derail your plans. In all reality they see a portion of themselves reflected in your greatness and they long to find the comfort of their own zone.

Remember this: you’re not too too when you’re you. There’s no greater truth in this world.

You’re here right now to add something that no one else in the world can add. Not one single person can bring the blazing shine you’re capable of bringing.

When you honor your ethos, despite the discomfort of those around you, you gift the world with your presence. In doing so, you position yourself to deliver your highest good.

Others may not understand what you’re doing or why. They may not know where you’re going. They may not embrace the fullness of your spirit and that’s fine. It’s not their job to make you comfortable. It’s your job to make yourself comfortable and so you can contribute by co-creating a world that’s individually brilliant and collectively rewarding.

How do you remember to stay true to yourself and your personal ethics? Have you ever felt pressure to tone down your shine? What helps you feel radiant? Share with us in the comments! 


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