#OMHG – December 20, 2012: Happy Holidays!


Still reeling from Jessika’s fantastic news early in the week, we had a relaxed chat with no biz on the agenda… just love & friendship.

While we all congratulated Jess on her wonderful news & shared her joy, there was also a lot of nostalgic reminiscence about Christmases past, holiday traditions both old and new and, of course, holiday recipes!

Joy Charde shared a wonderful post earlier in the week asking you to share your favorite holiday yummies, so if you would be so kind as to on over, Jess & Joy would surely appreciate it.

Since it’s been such a full month of celebrating, sharing & happy cheer and this was the last chat of not only December, but of the year, here are the full transcript links for the last two weeks, as well:

December 6: Prepping Your Business for 2013

December 13: Finding Peace & Shining Your Light

Have a wonderful Christmas and we’ll see you in the New Year for a fantastic 2013!

You can get the rest of the goodness from the chat & read the full transcript here.

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Missed the chat?  Share your love & friendship for the #OMHG community in the comments & don’t forget to share your Holiday Recipes here!