#OMHG – June 4: A Happy Self = A Happy Community

Kicking off this week’s chat was a beautifully written post by The Maven Circle which included wonderfully nostalgic images from their own collection of vintage photographs.

Seriously.  Incredibly heartfelt + poignant.  Not to mention so very wise + empowering.

I opted for a little lightness with the printable this week, by designing some happy-face stickers in a variety of colours to stick wherever you could use some happy inspiration!  I used them on my blogging calendar, ’cause that sucker always seems to give me grief 😉

The chat itself was filled with wonderfully insightful + enlightening comments, as usual, and everyone seemed to get swept up by the beauty of them and as a result, the hour flew by super fast!

There weren’t any specific questions posed this week, so here are simply a snippet of what was said:

  • themavencircle I think so many of us spend our time crossing things off our to do lists that we forget about what makes us happy. #omhg
  • pigandfish Happiness is a state of balance that comes from within. #omhg
  • miss_modish do you have yourself on the to-do list? do you schedule in take-care of me time? & happy-relax time? #omhg
  • designcoyote @themavencircle Sometimes crossing things off lists is happiness. Makes me feel motivated. 😉 But I understand what you mean. #omhg
  • thepetitcadeau Happiness = calm = brianpower for creativity = new ideas to share with community #omhg
  • ohmyhandmade Always, always RT @pigandfish: Helping others feel joy will instantly bring joy to your heart. #omhg
  • thelanguidlion Things don’t make you happy; how you FEEL about them does 😉 #omhg
  • themavencircle One thing that I work on regularly is letting go of judgement and expectations of myself and others. This helps increase happiness. #omhg
  • designcoyote @pigandfish I think if we could see what was unfolding, we might get lazy. & it would give away the ending. 😉 I like the surprise! #omhg
  • themavencircle It’s the little moments of happiness that we’ll remember for the rest of our lives that really matter in life. #omhg
  • gridjunky People who have failed know way more than people who haven’t. Picked that up from Randy Pausch. #omhg
  • tickleandsmash RT @ohmyhandmade: @miss_modish My biggest barrier is myself-when I get out of my own way/head happiness is everywhere #omhg
  • themavencircle You’ll forget the ‘to do’ items and the mistakes, but the little happy moments will never leave you. Make time for them. #omhg
  • clareyuille Think we should avoid going “Why aren’t I happy? What’s wrong with me?” Sometimes you just aren’t and that’s okay too #omhg
  • @Hartoheart: biggest barrier are the things I think other people think I should be doing. #omhg
  • RocajoStudio Sometimes just knowing that you are loved can make you insanely happy. #omhg
  • pigandfish Bring your awareness with you so you know when you’re engaged in something that no longer serves you. #omhg
  • miss_modish totally. I laugh at my husband, animals, myself (& Jen) everyday! RT @JoyCharde: A really good belly laugh helps me 🙂 #omhg
  • ohmyhandmade @JoyCharde Yes! Tickle breaks, dance jams, crazy hair parties, general silliness & stupidity is highly underrated #omhg
  • thegreengal I have a poster on my studio wall that says ‘always believe something marvellous is about to happen’ 🙂 #omhg  http://t.co/IliTks8p
  • ohmyhandmade Heaps & tons of love to each and every one of you beautiful creative friends. I am thankful for the happiness you bring to my life! #omhg
Read the whole transcript here. Wondering what our #OMHG chats are all about, what our next topic is or how to join the fun? Click here! 


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