#OMHG – June 7: Building Your Street Cred to Build Your Community

Last week on the chat we talked about buidling your street cred to build your community and it was kicked off by this great post by Jenelle of TrashN2Tees.

Nikki of Design Coyote generously created the awesome printable this week, featuring a quoted response from @MarisaEdghill during the chat… isn’t that simply inspiring?

We’re also trying something new this week… I thought it would be fun & a little easier to follow the chat by posting the questions asked during the chat, with some responses following them… what do you think? If you want the full unedited transcript just click here.

 Here we go:

  •  ohmyhandmade Time to get down & dirty with @TrashN2Tees to chat building your street cred to build your community (no brass knuckles pls;) #omhg
  •  TrashN2Tees Excited to be representin’- can’t wait to dig in & talk about how you earn street cred for your biz #omhg

QUESTION 1:/  What does credibility mean/look like to you?

  • designcoyote Credibility means trust, honesty, sincerity. It means someone who has built a wonderful reputation based on wonderful relationships. #omhg
  • MoxieLisa I think credibility means having people that can depend on your advice 🙂 #omhg
  • smidgeboxdesign @ohmyhandmade being involved and chatting with ppl, you have to connect — when someone reaches out, answer them & start a convo! #omhg
  • clareyuille Credibility in business = making and doing stuff on an EPIC level, even if you’re just starting out. No filler. #omhg
  • embergrass Credibility to me means your online customers trust that they will receive what they are expecting, promptly and in high quality #omhg
  • @handmadesuccess: Credibility means being authentic and standing behind what you do and say! #omhg
  • TrashN2Tees For me my brand credibility = me. #omhg
  • @smidgeboxdesign be responsible, reliable, yourself. treat ppl the way you want to be treated! values + ethics are big. #omhg

QUESTION 2:/ How are you emanating credibility in your own business? What actions are you taking? 

  • designcoyote I’m working to provide better communication in what I offer & how I work. New branding strategy = more credibility & growth! #omhg
  • BrigitteLyons To be credible, you have to be honest with yourself, also. Acknowledge when you’ve messed up. Apologize rather than make excuses. #omhg
  • birdbags @TrashN2Tees Thanks Jenelle. I think along with honesty in your “voice”, your product needs to be truthful too..to what you preach #omhg
  • TrashN2Tees Once you have street creds, you don’t just stop. Credibility is something that you continue to cultivate #omhg
  • tif_smith Yes! RT @thelanguidlion: @TrashN2Tees By treating my clients how I would like to be treated, which means being honest + fair + firm. #omhg

 QUESTION 3:/ In your opinion, how does a brand LOSE credibility? 

 QUESTION 4:/ How can credibility grow your community?

  • designcoyote More cred = more folks wanting to be in your community. Awesome community = more cred for you! #omhg
  • MarisaEdghill @ohmyhandmade by aiming for Incredible rather than just Credible! 😉 #omhg
  • thepetitcadeau @TrashN2Tees when people respect you it makes them more likely to want to support you! #omhg
  • birdbags A: In my product, communication, marketing-the Birdbags voice is consistent RT @ohmyhandmade: Q:How are you building credibility? #omhg
  • handmadesuccess When you have credibility people will be happy and proud to spread the word about your brand! #omhg
  • clareyuille Credibility is another way to say “I’m a real person, just like you.” That’s attractive + comforting, so ppl want to hang out with you #omhg
  • Leah_Dyck @designcoyote I also think more cred = influencers/thoÙght leaders wanting to be in your community #omhg

QUESTION 5:/ What are you doing now to establish or maintain credibility in your brand?

  • BrigitteLyons @MeaganVisser By making your brand your best version of self. #omhg
  • ohmyhandmade I am building cred by showing up daily-literally! Celebrate 2 years of posting nearly every day this July-there will be cake #omhg
  • myCHILDish @TrashN2Tees designing a new theme each month so my customers see what I create and join in the process #omhg
  • TrashN2Tees I’m collaborating, pitching, connecting with experts in my field, keeping it fresh- innovation. #omhg
  • RocajoStudio I’m trying to establish credibility by being me: a little witty, showing I care and sometimes I add a little rhyme. #omhg
  • handmadesuccess @TrashN2Tees I am researching my pants of for ways to help our readers + to make myself available to them #omhg
  • birdbags I am continually learning about my craft, business..connecting with the community locally, and online. But always LEARNING #omhg
  • InkandDirt Trying to let my heart and passion lead me instead of my shyness and insecurities hold me back. So far, so good. #omhg
  • MarisaEdghill Don’t be afraid to reach out to others. Propose guest posts or ask others to drop by and contribute to your space. Worst thing is a No #omhg
  • TrashN2Tees hanging w/ my #omhg posse = gaining some street creds #omhg
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