Last Thursday’s chat was all about how to build community for your brand & business + why it is so very important!  Whether it be online, at local fairs or events, at the supermarket, whether you live in the city or country, your community is out there just waiting to be found & built.

How about using the free printable art print as inspiration or a talking point to help build your community?

And, of course, Jessika has created #OMHGlive, a new project focusing on bringing her awesomeness to YOUR communities & spreading the goodness of this place & #businessygoodness in your town.

Check out more information here.

And now, on with the chat:

  • We’re chatting on the practical pieces of how to build community for your biz. Lets start by brainstorming ways/places to get started #omhg ohmyhandmade
  • Make yourself available in different places. Some customers like FB, some twitter, some blogs, some ALL! #omhg MarisaEdghill
  • Be consistent in your posting but too much is as bad as too little. Consistently flooding someone’s feed may = unfollow #omhg MarisaEdghill
  • Local events. Last week I mentioned I didn’t know of any – this past wkend I found @TheGirlsGuild & I can’t wait to get more involved. #omhg designcoyote
  •  @ohmyhandmade:Local events, craft fairs, meet ups, conferences, retreats=great places for community building #omhg
  • RT @designcoyote: #omhg is an awesome way to get involved with a community that can help you grow your own. Yay twitter chats! cupcakes4clara
  • Community building is ALL about consistency, people need to get to know & trust you + your voice. This takes time! #omhg ohmyhandmade
  • build your community by helping others #omhg TrashN2Tees
  • Be consistent, do what you say you’re gonna do, be kind, be there on time = earns trust, which helps build community, I think #omhg clareyuille
  • I agree! a sincere desire to help others is a genuine way to build a community. In person or online. #omhg deannamullican
  • @kittyscuriosity once you get outside & a bit out of the comfort zone, magic can happen. #omhg RocajoStudio
  • Very similar to how to make friends in general, isn’t it? It’s about both giving and receiving. 🙂 #omhg kittyscuriosity
  • Listening is important but so is ASKING. Asking for feedback, ideas, collaborations, others opinions. How are you asking yr community? #omhg ohmyhandmade
  • Yes! I’m one of the shy ones, but breaking out of my shell lately. Or, at least, I think I am 🙂 #omhg nisseworks
  • RT @MarisaEdghill: some are connecting silently! Just because you arent receiving comments on FB /tw replies, doesnt mean no listeners #omhg thelanguidlion
  • Building a community is like building your reputation, it takes effort- time- energy- conversation #omhg TrashN2Tees

We all took a brief break to welcome a newcomer to the #omhg community, but never lost our momentum!

Welcome to our awesome community! 😀 You will absolutely love it here. designcoyote | Yes! So great to have you join us! JoyCharde | Hi Nailah! Welcome & enjoy 😉 thelanguidlion | Welcome Nailah!!! So happy you’ve joined us <3 ohmyhandmade | Hi and welcome! deannamullican | Hello. You’ll love it here. Lots of lovely folks! RocajoStudio | Welcome! TrashN2Tees | Hiya and a warm welcome to you 🙂 kittyscuriosity | @NailahBlades: Hi everyone! This is my first #omhg chat. Looking forward to connecting 🙂 #omhg

  • Ditto! This community has helped me get out of my shell 🙂 RT @InkandDirt: @nisseworks shy here too. So scary but am making progress. #omhg JoyCharde
  • Jessika and omhg community = feeling at ease. This is what shy people need. If the environment is right, they’ll blossom & engage. #omhg RocajoStudio
  • Whoo-hoo!! RT @deannamullican: Im very shy and my online community has pushed me to do more this year than I ever imagined possible. #omhg InkandDirt
  • But being vulnerable as a person, with others seeing us as ourselves? Terrifying. Absolutely. #omhg nisseworks
  • @clareyuille Trying too hard to “be authentic” often comes across as the exact opposite, IME. #omhg kittyscuriosity
  • @MarisaEdghill @DJCoolbear I don’t get a lot of comments on my weekly blog, but I do get supportive comments of my posts on TW & FB… #omhg thelanguidlion
  • measuring success- just ask your community. what do i create that you value? how can i be better? eye opening. #omhg TrashN2Tees
  • Think being vulnerable is about showing you’re a real, live human. No masks. Show you’re just the same as your readers + they trust you #omhg clareyuille
  • vulnerability-busting has a tipping point, too. We all fear the fine line between “sharing” + “maybe talk to your therapist/ BFF/ mom” #omhg borealmodern
  • Vulnerability = Trust. Honesty. Transparency. It makes you personable, relateable. People feel they can reach out to you + connect. #omhg designcoyote
  • Me too RT @MarisaEdghill: @borealmodern true! Over-sharers turn me off. As do complainers! Reflects badly on the business. #omhg embergrass

Then, we all took a second moment to send Sarah of @myCHILDish get well wishes (& not a few happy sprinkles) as she was feeling a little off-colour 😉

Oh no…*sprinkles happy thoughts through the screen* feel better birdbags | Poop. Feel better soon, Sarah! thelanguidlion | Aww, Feel better! Hartoheart | Boo! Sending you my Jewish penicillin & a pile of loving <3 ohmyhandmade | Get well soon! NailahBlades | aw, Sarah! Feel better! borealmodern | Aww, feel better fast! Orange juice + vitamin C! designcoyote | oh yuck, sorry your still feeling icky today! thinking germ busting thoughts TrashN2Tees | I am feeling vulnerable as I lay in bed sick 🙁 Reading these tweets makes me feel better. #omhg myCHILDish

  • So now its time to share some exciting news & then turn it all over to you to share your own news…ready? #omhg ohmyhandmade
  • #omhg I have a few ideas but one is to showcase 26 businesses, I for every marathon mile. If interested, get in touch! More ideas soon!!! thepetitcadeau
  • does diverting TONS of clothing from landfill sound fun for you? it does for me- Find out how I’m taking action. http://t.co/IRVDPvWt #omhg TrashN2Tees
  • just started working on what will (hopefully) be my biggest sale yet! It’s not much but I’m excited about it 😀 #omhg kittyscuriosity
  • @ohmyhandmade I am trying to build myself a light box. Back to the hardware store when I get out of bed. #omhg myCHILDish
  • I’ve set a date for my Etsy opening: 6/16! & I’ve started painting again! Excited! What’s on the easel now: http://t.co/xZIFAqXS #omhg designcoyote
  • Just launched a new product…the “Bird Pad” for the iPad http://t.co/lddDYqCX #omhg birdbags
  • In the midst of adding a new line of washi tape to the shop: http://t.co/RDTmCxBb #tapetapetape #alwaystape #omhg MarisaEdghill
  • Had an great live call with Tara Gentile this week -opened my eyes & now have tons of ideas to sort through. And started my garden 🙂 #omhg nisseworks
  • I want to come visit you in YOUR communities & spread the goodness of this place & our #businessygoodness in your town with #OMHGlive #omhg ohmyhandmade
  • All the info about #OMHGlive is right here + the new newness I started working on right after last weeks chat http://t.co/p9VFkrvY #omhg ohmyhandmade
  • AND new ways for you to visit us on OMHG and share your goodness, because I love you so http://t.co/V3MfisGz #omhg ohmyhandmade


  1. Clare says:

    Wow – such great, thought provoking comments! I don’t really have a community as of yet, but I’m working on it. I hope to join you guys in a chat soon! Hopefully the next one?

  2. Geri says:

    @MoxieLisa: It was great to see you at the chat today – such an appropriate topic for you!

    @Nikki: Thank you, my dear *blushing*

    @Clare: Well, Clare, welcome to this AWESOME community – did you make it to this week’s chat?

    @Kim: It was great – hopefully we’ll see you this week?

    @Jenelle: Thanks so much for your kindness – I try really hard & I’m sooooo very pleased to be part of such a great group of people!

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