#OMHG – November 15, 2012: Planning Holiday Success on our Terms

Beginning with Thursday’s post on Planning for Holiday Success by Slowing Down, today we chatted about what fabulous holiday seasons look like for each of us. From business life to family time we brainstormed ideas and shared inspiration for our own seasons of success!

Question #1: My holiday plan= a slow season of contentment instead of crazy-making. What is your plan for holiday success?

  • ThreeBySea From a non-biz place- happiness & low stress!  #omhg
  • UnurthWonder Yay! Family time is essential! And friends. I love doing a “friendsgiving” #omhg
  • MarisaEdghill steady business. Meeting sales goals w/o driving myself crazy. Having time to have a little fun. #omhg
  • tif_smith successful this year is having our baby and having our #letterpress ready to print by the new year. 😉 #omhg
  • designcoyote Success during the holidays means having ample time with the family. AKA getting things done on time. 😉 #omhg
  • speckledlime …is it ‘cheating’ to not be running anything (blog/biz) this year? Just taking the time to be ‘normal’ 😉 #omhg

Question #2: How do you celebrate the holiday season? Do you go all out, have quiet family time, or a combo?

  • @speckledlime: …success will be just quality time spent with family doing things because we want to: not because we have to #omhg
  • tif_smith this is the first year i’m not traveling for either holiday. i’m too preggo for long car trips, and i’m okay with relaxing at home. 😀#omhg
  • UnurthWonder All of the above! RT @ohmyhandmade: How do you celebrate the holiday season? Do you go all out, have quiet family time, or a combo? #omhg
  • ThreeBySea I’m all about holiday stuff w/ the kiddo. Holidays should be magical when you’re a kid. #omhg
  • designcoyote I try to go home for the holidays but this year it won’t happen. So I’ll be working & having a quiet time with my girl & furkids.#omhg
  • speckledlime  …a combo, I guess: our family is small, just my folks here, MrB’s are in UK, so fairly quiet by most, I am sure 🙂#omhg

Where we promptly migrated to one of our favourite subjects – FOOD!  Including cupcakes, Nanaimo bars (as promised, an awesome recipe, as well as a little more information about them!), cookies and baking, it general seems to be a big holiday tradition for a lot of us!

Question #3: Do you have any making/crafty plans this year? We’re definitely going for a foodie Christmas & making cookies/little gifts…

We rounded off the hour by sharing what we are all working on for the holidays with the following links to our seasonal inspirations:

You can also read the full chat transcript right here.

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