#OMHG – November 29, 2012: Rocking Your Holiday Sales

Earlier this month Jenna @makeitshow shared a great post on rocking your sales & with Jess’ first question on Craft Fairs/Trade Shows we were off to races!

Question #1: Let’s dive in! Have you ever sold at a craft fair or trade show? What was your biggest lesson learned from the experience?

  • @tif_smith: @missprissypaige i have a much better idea of my target market and my design style now than i did a year ago. #omhg
  • SmartCreativeW Biggest lesson: You need to bring the “friendly” face with you. Be approachable!! #omhg
  • ohmyhandmade RT @SmartCreativeW: Awesome article Rock your Christmas sales! http://t.co/jwz6JyMD Jenna, you are too good! #omhg
  • Linkouture @ohmyhandmade Read bunch of blog articles about what to bring, displays, & of course making lots of jewelry so I have enough inventory #omhg
  • sparrowscript Just did my first show in September. Biggest lesson: you can NEVER have too much stock with you. #omhg
  • @makeitshow: only one way to find out. Sign up for a smaller show and just give it a try. You will learn SOO much #omhg
  • ohmyhandmade Work your way up! I started at farmers markets & moved up to fashion shows-start with a minimal investment & work up to bigger events #omhg
  • PatternedApp @sparrowscript Yes! Especially for the holidays having small, cheaper options for gift buyers is super important. #omhg (have some smaller, specialty items on hand…)
  • @makeitshow: I love PR cause its free and effective. Write a press release and send it out to local media and blogs. It is magic #omhg  (re: any marketing tips?)
  • missprissypaige Candy at your table? I’d stop! RT @StephCreekmur I have my VERY 1st show starting tonight-Any last minute tips/things not 2 forget? #omhg
  • PetiteTuques How far away do you go to do a craft sale? My locals are looking for bargains- not highend fashion 😉 #omhg
  • allisajacobs Oh, and I found many people like to look in person & then follow up later… Making a memorable booth w. biz cards/takeaways essential #omhg
  • Pexmas RT @makeitshow: @sparrowscript AND get their emails too. Have a giveaway so they want to sign up for your email list…or have ballots #omhg

Question #2: If you haven’t sold at an event yet-are you planning to? Is there anything holding you back from taking the dive?

  • StephCreekmur @makeitshow #omhg YES! I keep telling myself to enjoy the journey! It will be a learning experience, I’m sure! 🙂
  • NicoleTamarin I got a part time job just to pay for the trade show that I knew was the right one even though it was pricey and I was starting out #omhg
  • missprissypaige @ohmyhandmade For me, the cost to enter. Is it a smart business decision and how much will I gain? #omhg
  • InkandDirt @ohmyhandmade I turned down because don’t have proper way to display and unsure if worth trouble/investment. Do want to do one though. #omhg
  • ohmyhandmade Plan your shows out a year in advance-the year before visit the event, talk to vendors, do a little shopping & then apply early! #omhg
  • PatternedApp @ohmyhandmade In addition to planning shows, plan inventory so you don’t go crazy during the holidays! #omhg
  • storyofmum: Im often drawn to stalls where the makers are making as well as selling #omhg
  • thelanguidlion I think finding a fair/tradeshow/market that fits YOU will hugely benefit, cause if you feel out of place, that will come through ;-( #omhg

Question #3: Making the sale is just the first step though! How do you build a relationship with customers that lasts beyond the sale/show?

Despite Jess being thrown in Twitter jail (again.  and early this go round!), we had a jam-packed chat filled with great questions, interaction, ideas, links and good will… pretty normal for this community, really 😉

You can also read the whole transcript here.

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Missed the chat?  Share your tips/ideas for rocking your sales in the comments!


  1. Sam says:

    Amazing chat info. This was my first year of craft shows and must say that failing was the best thing that could happen, because it is forcing me to change and realize what does and doesn’t work.

    As for press releases and press kits it is something that is on my todo list going into the new year, but I must say I have no clue where to start. Anyone have experience with it who is willing to share?

  2. Geri says:

    Thanks, Allisa – it was great chatting with you a little more than usual 😉

    Welome, Sam & I hope you can join every week as there always helpful (& fun) subjects at the chats for newbies & experienced handmade biz owners alike… there are some links here with regards to Press Kits (try searching that phrase & voila!)… lots of luck!

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