#OMHG – October 18, 2012: DIY Packaging

Continuing our monthly focus on DIY branding, yesterday’s chat was all about DIY Packaging (check out peppersprout’s post about evolving packaging), and as handmade creatives, we all had some great input & ideas… as well as some awesome examples!

Question #1: How do you package up your goodness? This can include biz cards/press kits etc… for service based biz!

  • pigandfish Right now our packaging is focused on protecting our product, so not very exciting. Bubble wrap & tape. #omhg
  • tif_smith we’re in the process of designing a new (our first) press kit for design/printing, so i’ve been drooling over everyone else’s instead.#omhg
  • ohmyhandmade I have postcards/mini-prints/stickers from@overheardatmoo I package in pretty glassine bags from @olivemanna+ tape from @Omiyage_ca #omhg
  • Lu_and_Ed I use all recycled materials for packaging – flip food boxes inside out and tape them up. #omhg
  • MeaganVisser I wrap mine in white tissue paper, tie it with twine, add in a biz card and thank you card, and that’s it. It lacks I feel. #omhg
  • ColleenAttara I use scrap matts from framing stores as well. They have boxes full of it…just ask. #omhg
  • MarisaEdghill My packaging is kraft paper bags with stamped logo, sealed with washi tape & kraft biz card. #omhg
  • RoriStories I rescue tissue paper for packaging. I use twine, stickers and stamps. I want buyers to feel like they’re opening a present.#omhg
  • ohmyhandmade If you make handmade work including a handwritten note goes a LONG way, I always look for & am disappointed when I don’t get one! #omhg
  • pigandfish Print USPS direct from Etsy or Paypal RT @Lu_and_Ed: Do you guys hand address packages or print labels? #omhg
  • Origami! RT @erinmharris For those who sell small, fragile stuff (like jewelry): How do you package/mail them? #OMHG http://bit.ly/RXD2Ed
  • thelanguidlion @erinmharris Thanks! I wrap the product in tissue paper, then put in origami, then in 100% plant clear sleeve, then paper envelope! #omhg
  • @sparrowscript: Ive had some Etsy buddies get this stamp of mine to use in their packaging: https://t.co/qKntm3Xn#omhg

Question #2: What are your go-to sources for DIY packaging supplies?

Bonus- @ohmyhandmade: I want to update an old OMHG post http://t.co/SFGdF1Sx so be sure to share what you include with your orders. Share your packaging with us on our #OMHG Community Flickr group!

Next week on #OMHG we’ll be chatting DIY website design!  Come share resources, ideas, inspiration & your own goodness!

*Please note that we’ve been having trouble with Curatede for our full transcripts as they are moving their servers, so we don’t have a link to the full transcript. 

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  1. TawnyMarie says:

    I’ve been looking for an eco-friendly packaging resource. Just ordered my free samples from EcoEnclose. Thank you for this post!!!

  2. Geri says:

    Hi April & Tawny Marie,

    I’m so sorry I missed your comments, but I was away on vacation right after this chat! I hope you’ve found some great resources here… we’re hear every Thursday with extremely informative, helpful & friendly chats – you should come join us 😉

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