#OMHG – October 4, 2012: Get to the Heart of your Brand

Kicking off this month’s DIY Branding, Oh My! and following on from a great post on Wednesday by Moxie Pear, which was all about getting to the heart of your brand & included a great printable to help us out, we got this chat off to a roaring success by naming 10 adjectives that we would use to describe our businesses… which proved to be a little harder than we thought!

Question #1: What are 10 adjectives you would use to describe your biz… ready, set, GO!

  • ThreeBySea My 10 adj.- relaxed, creative, fun, sentimental, simplifed, humorous, encouraging…ok I got 7. #omhg
  • ohmyhandmade OMHG: Community, warm, welcoming, handmade, diverse, businessy, quirky, inclusive, bright, uplifting, like your best friends house. #omhg
  • designcoyote 10 Adj. for my brand: artsy, illustrative, creative, bright, bold, colorful, handmade(!), helpful, dreamy, & Nikki! #omhg
  • kittyscuriosity @ohmyhandmade Personal, quirky, creative, beautiful, catalyzing, evolving, messy, curious, handmade, orange 🙂 #omhg
  • UnurthWonder @ohmyhandmade adjectives= organic, modern, handmade, warm, natural, inspired….. er still needs to be worked out!#omhg
  • @Lu_and_Ed: 10? Oh.. Um… Cute, childish, fun, creative, innovative, functional, bright, quirky, interesting, happy#omhg
  • sparrowscript Ten adjectives describing my brand: eco-conscious, simple, clean, modern, colorful, whimsical, personalized, sincere, casual, classic. #omhg
  • traceyselingo my 10: promising, empowering, creative, personal, professional, knowledgeable, uplifting, truthful, smart, profitable#omhg
  • pigandfish 10 adj – colorful, creative, hand-crafted, useful, functional, artful, urban, modern…9,10? #omhg
  • TrashN2Tees fun, creative, inspiring, personalized, eco, innovative, activism, awesome, hip, trendy #omhg
  • traceyselingo fresh, thoughtful, artistic RT @thelanguidlion: my 10: dreamy, creative, handmade, elegant, modern, graphic, design #omhg


BONUS QUESTION: Avatar vs Photo Image use in Social Media

  • ohmyhandmade Ooh good question! I vote great quality photo or combo of both. RT @pigandfish: Branding question – avatar photo or avatar logo? #omhg
  • pigandfish RT @designcoyote Im a fan of putting a logo in the bg/design & keeping the avatar a photo – more personal & gives a face to the brand. #omhg
  • anastasiamika I vote photo of yourself as the avatar. Twitter is a great place to make yourself human instead of just being a company. #omhg
  • MeaganVisser @traceyselingo I’d be curious to see how creative entrepreneurs use FB vs. Twitter. For me, Twitter = networking & FB = personal #omhg
  • MarisaEdghill I prefer a logo… but I think it depends on your business and how personal it is. #omhg
  • @thelanguidlion: I found I got a HUGE (positive) response when I switched out my Twitter logo for a photo #omhg


Question #2: Does your current brand match your key words/key work? Are you happy with your brand right now?

  • embergrass @ohmyhandmade @MoxiePear yes, I’m happy with my brand, I put a lot of thought into it and I think it fits #omhg
  • ohmyhandmade My brand feels like an overgrown hair cut-it isn’t a good fit anymore. The excitement of having a new beginning is incredible:) #omhg
  • pigandfish Our brand look is getting there, but still have to get our story just right. There is just so much to tell! #omhg
  • MoxiePear @ohmyhandmade It is nice to freshen things up every now and then, as creative people we crave new and get bored very easily#omhg
  • Lu_and_Ed @MoxiePear So true – I ♥ that my logo has so many colors, and white and black – I can make small changes w/o having to do an overhaul #omhg
  • ohmyhandmade Hiring a designer to do your logo/illustrations/palette is a great place to invest & then DIY yr own graphics w/ that as a foundation #omhg
  • pigandfish For me, as long as I’m growing & making my brand stronger, I think change is good & ppl relate as they see the growth.#omhg
  • erinmharris Your logo should always work in black and white. If the idea is strong, it doesn’t need color to prop it up. #OMHG
  • ohmyhandmade @laurasimms @ThreeBySea great point! Your biz name can be a concept you can explain in a bio or tag line or keep a mystery#omhg
  • @MeaganVisser@ohmyhandmade I love mysterious names… it makes me want to dig deep to find the reason behind it! #omhg
  • StreeterUltd RT @MoxiePear: Your tag line can be catchy if your biz name is obvious, if not use it to explain what you do #omhg
  • @ohmyhandmade In the end it all comes down to content & what you offer-everything else just wraps it up so it can be seen#omhg
  • anastasiamika @MeaganVisser @erinmharris I found folks who were willing to swap talents. I got help getting my brand solid and they got stationery! #omhg
  • kittyscuriosity Can’t agree more RT @ohmyhandmade: I want people to invest in my services-it only makes sense to also invest in those I am inspired by #omhg

Last thoughts by MoxiePear – Your brand is important but not enough to loose sleep over… everyone evolves & you will get where you want to be!

Food for definite thought until our next chat next Thursday, but until then, you can read the full transcript of this week’s chat here.

And if you missed it, don’t forget to get your free printable to help you out getting to the heart of your brand!

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