#OMHG – September 27, 2012: Managing Time + Overwhelm

Image Source: SHOULDA WOULDA COULDA by Maria Bergström

Following on from their post on Sep. 26, 2012, co-hosts Tracy & Robin of Flourish & Thrive joined us for a lively discussion on time management strategies, dealing with overwhelm along with defining our self-worth, valuing our time, creating boundaries and taking care of US!

We quickly moved on to time management/organization tools such as Evernote, Calendars, To-Do Lists, TeuxDeux (http://t.co/mJqCT2Gx) Timekeeper (via @pancakeapp) & Chore-Boys 😉 along with a video about balancing things in our life http://t.co/LpKJ5yTH & breaking multi-part tasks into individual checkboxes/scheduling fun & relaxation http://t.co/uTs0QqH8

We then organically moved to talking about how we take care of ourselves…

… then onto boundaries, saying “no” and making choices about where we put our time!

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