{Free Screensaver} The Magic of Summer

Did you go to summer camp as a kid? I went to sleep-away camp for a few weeks each summer for several years. And while I was there I always felt some sparkle in the air. And now thinking back –the bonfires, s’mores, singing, the big skies, the water, the friends– those were magic times.

This quote from I’m not sure who* seems perfect for our summer Camp OMHG months:

“When we speak of magic, we should speak of those moments that were the purest. When the stars were bright, and when the laughter was loud. Those are the most magical moments of life.” ~Unknown

June Screensaver

*Does anyone know who said this? If so, I’ll update the illustration!

The above illustration is available as a screensaver.  Click the image to download and dress up your computer with some words of wisdom.