Creating Your Community: Step 1- What is your vision?

Creative Communities, Oh My! Handmade, Community building exercisePictures from top to bottom: Colleen Attara’s Brooklyn brownstone flower project, Makeshift Society in San Francisco, Lunenburg Makery window display by Micheline Courtemanche

Spend some time envisioning your ideal creative community with us today! The first step in any community development project is usually to figure out what the ideal vision is and where to go from there.

Today we are asking ourselves these questions about our ideal creative communities:

What are your ideal community’s key characteristics or features?

How does your ideal community make you feel?

How does your ideal community inspire or influence your creativity?

Who is part of your ideal community-do they have similar ideas and backgrounds or is your vision more diverse?

Does your current creative community look anything like your ideal?

We’ll be chatting about these questions Thursday at our #OMHG chat from 1-2pm EST, in the forums this week and right here! Please share your visions for your creative communities in the comments-who knows you might find someone else looking for just those very things. Stop by next Wednesday for another exercise (with worksheets) to help us define and design our creative communities by making a map.


  1. colleen attara says:

    jess….I so love you. I am getting ready for the Squam Art Fair this Saturday, but baby I will be popping in! My ideal community is full of hope and creativity. It is full of collaboration and inspiration. There is color on every corner…and repurposed art shouts “we all have value, it is just how you look at it…..”. In my ideal community we all have a voice and our eyes look out with hope…

    • I love you right back! Have the most amazing time at Squam tomorrow, can’t wait to hear all about it <3 Thank you for sharing your community vision and most importantly being such an important part of our OMHG community. Giant hugs!

  2. Nicole's Classes says:

    Hello Jessika, this is Mallory from Nicole’s Classes — please get back to us immediately via email about our refund. We have tried to email you 4 times with no response.

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