Let’s Get Ethical at The 4th Annual Oh My Ethics Expo

Oh My! Ethics Expo, www.ohmyhandmade.com, graphics by Lauren Hardage

Illustration by Lauren Hardage for OMHG

Hooray for March! If you’ve been reading OMHG for awhile you’ll remember that we’ve been making ethics fun again every March for the last four years. This month we’ll jump into the juciest bits of entrepreneurship and living the good life to celebrate ethics awareness. Ethics might not sound like the most exciting theme but I promise this is the best topic of the whole year! We get to talk openly about the issues that we face bravely every day, how we overcome them as business owners and people, and brainstorm ideas to make our creative communities that much better. What is more exciting than that?

Over the years we’ve shared posts on: 

  • Best practices in business, blogging & social media
  • Kind & compassionate solutions to crisis or conflict
  • Dealing with copyright infringement
  • The ethics of how we use & share images online
  • Sales, discounts, promotions & ick-free marketing
  • Running or participating in giveaways
  • Conflict resolution and customer service
  • Transparency and honesty in business
  • Personal ethics & creating our own moral code
  • Understanding TOU (terms of use)
  • Investigating ethical case studies like Etsy, Urban Outfitters, Pinterest etc…
  • & so much more in our ethics archives!

This month is our chance as a community to do each other a public service by talking openly about our ethical questions/experiences and getting support from peers + experts. We want to hear from you about your stories and find answers or solutions to some of the issues we come up against every day.

Come share your knowledge with us!

  • What ethical stumbling blocks have you faced as an entrepreneur or maker?
  • Are you worried about the ethics of a company or practice?
  • Do you have legal information to share about ethics & small business?
  • Want to inspire our community with an ethics themed printable or download?
  • Have some tips on dealing with conflict or crisis in life + business?
  • Know of an ethical issue impacting creatives or have a PSA all biz owners need to hear about?
  • Need help from our supportive community to resolve a conflict?

Submit to the Ethics Expo starting today, submissions to our theme close March 15th so be sure to get your stories and tips in asap! You can submit using the form below or right here on our submission page.

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Not ready to write a post but have an ethical question you need help with? Post it below in the comments & we will do our best to round someone up with the knowledge you need.

What do you say, ready to get ethical with OMHG?


  1. Jennifer Frank says:

    Hi, I’m a first time visitor on your blog and may I just praise you for a very well thought of concept of your blog; I love how you stayed true to your brand. It’s weird to say, but I fell really at home here on your blog. I’m currently just a freshman at the American Business School and I’m yet to understand the trick of the trade. Anyway, I wish you more power and hopefully your blog will also be an inspiration to other aspiring entrepreneurs out there.

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