Meet me in the garden May 1st to plant the future OMHG

Oh My! Handmade Annual General Party May 1st,  #OMHG

How long have we slept, 

How long have we wept, 

There’s work to be done

in the garden.

Soundtrack for reading: The Garden by Ruth Moody (lyrics)

Spring has finally sprung here and with it renewed enthusiasm for planting dreams. This site has always been a grand experiment in how we can use creativity, community and collaboration to lift us all up and build stronger connections but we’re planning the biggest exploration yet & of course you are invited!  Over the years the way we use the internet to connect has changed and it is important that as a community we adapt and change too, the OMHG way…by throwing a party! We’re about to announce changes that will make us stronger then ever and you being there is everything. If you are a member, follower, reader, supporter or believer in our potential for goodness now is the time to pitch in because there is definitely work to be done in our garden.

Mark your calendars and join us for the first ever Annual General Party on May 1st. A full day of collaborating and working together to plant the future OMHG!

How to Join In

Read our big announcement post right here May 1st to learn all about the changes being planned and how you can participate! Mailing list subscribers will also get the details in their inbox.

Members are asked to gather in the forums anytime between 7am-7pm EST May 1st to discuss and vote on key decisions for our community, sign up for new opportunities and make grand plans (while eating cupcakes).

Join us publicly from 12-2pm EST for a 2 hour #OMHG chat on the future of our community and how you can get involved!

If you are a community member you don’t have to live in suspense about the details. I’ve been sharing my unfiltered thoughts in the forums and asking for input so stop by and lend your thoughts on our new direction, help shape it + be part of writing our Annual General Party agenda (aka plan for joyful world domination).  If you miss the big day of the AGP don’t worry there will be lots of ways you can be part of the exciting changes-this is only the beginning!

On the 1st we also celebrate one year of community membership-365 days full of opportunities, friendship, creativity, and support for our business + personal growth. So many beautiful seeds have been planted there leading to successes great and small. Personally it was also a year of unexpected struggle and confronting some of my deepest fears head on to come out the other side still smiling, with a deeper understanding and gratitude for true community. My post in September ended up being prophetic and there were times lately when despair was a pretty comforting option but every step the friends I’ve found through OMHG were there in a million different ways. The love and their belief has left me a different person with some really crazy exciting ideas for us all! I shared those ideas in our forums and the response was another level of awesome. It started as the hardest year ever so why not plant the biggest dream for us yet?

After a winter of storms the spring has come for our community and my heart – I am tired of sleeping, finished with weeping, I’m ready to work in our garden. 

[adrotate banner=”38″] What do you say, will you join us May 1st to plant & plan for this future together?


  1. What a wonderful idea. I am new to the social media and entrepreneurial world and have learned so much. I am finally seeing how we can all work together as a community and help and learn from each other. I look forward to this event

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