QOTW: What do you pack for adventure?

Camp OMHG Question of the Week: What do you pack for adventure?

Imagine you are heading off alone on your biggest adventure & you have just one backpack you can bring, what do you pack? What essentials do you really need to survive as an explorer?

This month we’re off to Camp OMHG with our second annual virtual summer camp for creatives! Every creative is also an adventurer and as we learn we pack our bag full of tools to survive the wilds of charting our own path. Use our question of the week to ask yourself: what if you packed a bag and walked away from it all, what would you really need to take with you to start life over again? Or ask: what if you went on an adventure alone to face something you are afraid of (creative entrepreneurs do this daily!), what essentials would you take? If you need some inspiration this post on packing for adventure by Tara Swiger for our last Camp OMHG theme is a must read!

Our question this week is especially important to me right now. Eleven years ago I was 20 and seriously in need of some healing so I left my entire life as an inner city community worker and everyone I knew. I packed what I needed onto my back, gave the rest away and hitchhiked from Vancouver to Cortes Island. I took with me only what I could carry: $150, a guitar, a camera, a few changes of clothes, jewellery making supplies, books, pens and paper. That summer there was no phones or computer, just time to explore what made me truly happy for the first time in my life-it was the smartest, bravest thing I’ve ever done for myself.  This July life has brought me full circle and I am going back to Cortes for a summer gathering to prepare for our Maker’s Retreat! Once again I am packing my bag for adventure and asking, what do I really need?

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  1. Jess – You always continue to amaze me. I love how brave you are…such an inspiration. This is a great question! Well, somehow I would have to fit my family in my bag because I really could not leave them, so that’s number one! 😛 Then of course, I would pack paints, pencils, and pens. I would probably try to find random things along the way to actually draw and paint on, so I’m not sure I would need a sketchbook. I would also want to bring an inspirational, life changing book like, A New Earth, to remind myself to stay present. And some chocolate…I would definitely always need chocolate!

  2. Kris says:

    Ah! This is great! I used to go hiking and camping with my family when I was a kid. We lived very close to a beautiful National park and Provincial park, so we had lots to explore – and we certainly did. *sigh* You just made my nostalgic day 😉

    I’d pack a great book to read for escaping the escape, a notebook and pen for idea-crafting, and a big ole bag of trail mix – because adventures make me hungry 🙂

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