QOTW: What is your adventure story?

Question of the Week: What is your adventure story?

What is the story of your creative adventure & what lessons have you learned on the road so far? Whether you just started (or are thinking of starting) a creative project or have been working towards it for years your story is valuable! What are the mountains you’ve climbed, struggles you faced or lessons you learned as you’ve grown creatively & most importantly has the destination changed as you’ve moved towards it?

Yesterday I shared my story of 4 years adventuring with OMHG and all the ups + downs of building a business and community that celebrates all of who we are-not just the polished story we clean up and present to the world.  I hope you know just how important you and your story are and take a few minutes to share a small chapter in the comments or at our #OMHG chat this week. The best part about telling your story in a safe place is the feeling of connection when someone else says, “Really?! Me too!”

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