Author: Abby Kerr

How To Scale Your Creative Business from One-Person Show To Small Team

Imagine this: you’re a small maker, designer, or creative biz owner.

Scaling your business from one-person show to small team

Pondering how to scale your business from solo act to small team?

You’ve built your business up from nothing: from unformed idea to rough outline to struggling start-up. And now, the day has come: your Inbox is overflowing with orders. Your phone’s been ringing off the hook. Someone from a Big Magazine wants to interview you — you! — and feature you and your handiwork in their glossy pages.

As the proud owner of this dazzling little creative enterprise, you’ve always worn 50 different hats: from CEO to copywriter to studio janitor and everything in between.

But it just isn’t going to be possible to do that any longer. You can’t work 24-hour days, 7 days a week. You can’t process all the email and send out purchase orders and design your booth for tradeshows and schedule and publish the blog posts. You need a team.

Or maybe you haven’t yet had what feels like your ‘big break’ yet, but you spend each day whirling around in circles trying to get everything done and feeling, at the end of the day, as if you’ve accomplished absolutely nothing. You love what you do and so do your customers and clients, but you can’t keep going on like this. You need a team.

So how do you scale your creative business from one-person show to small team?

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