About Oh My! 

OMHG is a cooperative community uniting the head, heart and hands of the maker movement.

Since 2010 OMHG has stood for creativity, community and collaboration.  Our mission is simple: we gather makers + entrepreneurs to  cooperatively share their knowledge, resources, peer support, and mentorship. Why? Because when creative minds work together instead of competing all of us succeed and amazing things happen.  Become a member, invest in growing your network while lifting up others, and be an important part of creating the first collaboratively led community for makers + entrepreneurs!

While we have “handmade” in our business name we are oh so much more-we are makers creating with paint, clay, pixels, words, code, cameras, and entrepreneurs offering marketing, design, services, supplies and all the galaxies of creativity in between. We are diverse in skills, locations, perspectives, colours, ages, faiths, business sizes, and expertise but united by a love of working together to create a community where we can all thrive.

Enjoy OMHG? Our community is sustained by community memberships, our marketplace of services & supplies and your involvement

OMHG is collaboratively led  by community builder  Jessika Hepburn and written by our  contributors and members. Our contributors include small business experts, innovative leaders, veterans of the indie movement, up & coming biz stars, multi-talented makers and YOU. We write on a range of topics relating to creativity, business, ethics, marketing, and much more. Each month we explore a new theme, bringing together our diverse perspectives in a respectful, eye-opening way.  

Our community is one of a kind and we work hard to make every post engage, encourage & inspire while offering you a chance to connect with a supportive network. In the comments, on Twitter, Facebook, or in a town near you, our community is one of the most joyfully collaborative you’ll find online. Whether you are a leader in your field or just beginning your journey, there is a place for you here, so come and join us!

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