November on OMHG: A Businessy Story of Seasons Past

November on OMHG: A Businessy Story of Seasons Past

Happy November lovely friends, time to welcome a new theme + enter the final countdown to the holiday season! This can be a stressful time for makers and entrepreneurs (+ people in general)-some of us are getting slammed with unexpected sales or press, others are getting all ready for the season and hearing crickets, and some are running out of preparation time and missing holiday shoppers…whatever our experiences with seasons past, November is the month for sharing them.

This month we’ll be going back in time to revisit lessons learned or mistakes made during previous holidays. With each step down memory lane hopefully we will make the path a bit easier for us all right now and as we plan for next year. From last minute ideas, worksheets + printables to help us all have a fabulous businessy season, to exploring how we are adding value to our holiday orders, and finding ways we can balance business with making time for crafting family memories – our theme this month is all about learning from the past so we can plan for the future & enjoy the present!



Have a story, tutorial, idea or printable about seasons past to share with us?  We want to hear about what you’ve learned & how you are/or would do things differently with what you know now. Submit your story on our submission page by November 15th to see it featured on OMHG this month!

Do you feel you/your business is ready for the holiday season? Let us know if there is anything you would love to see us post about this month or talk about at our #OMHG chats! 


  1. Bellenza says:

    This is such a lovely idea! Looking forward to reading what other business owners have to say and share. As for things that businesses have to keep in mind, it’s to never forget that many shoppers now are armed with smartphones so it’s very important to keep a vibrant online presence. Also, the pressure is always on during the holiday shopping season, so always make sure that you provide your clients with a quick, easy and intuitive purchasing process 🙂

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