DIY Washi Tape Bunny Stickers

Spring has finally flung (at least where I’m from up here in southeastern Canada) and with it comes new growth, flourishing nature, nourishing sunshine, a surge of ideas… and chocolate!

Of course, I’m talking about those wonderful little Mini Eggs from Cadbury.  I can’t get enough.  So, when Marisa of Omiyage suggested a post about cute little stickers made from washi tape, I immediately thought that I could make some tags for giving out bags of those wonderful little eggs (or you know, eat them myself and make cookies, instead!)

I created a lovely little original bunny illustration for some tags last year, and this year, we’re letting some gorgeous new washi tape take centre stage.  We created 3 coordinating projects using a bunny silhouette and washi tape, including these Tags, a Greeting Card and some Place Cards.

They’re super easy to make and the beauty of using washi tape is that they can used year round, not just for Easter.

These little bunny stickers are so versatile that they’d make great little marketing additions for your creative business.  Why not throw in some Easter-themed “extras” with your regular sales or use them for a special calling card for any tradeshows you might be attending?

To get started, you’ll need the following supplies:

DIY Washi Tape Bunny Stickers - supplies


  1. Sticker Template | Greeting Card Template
  2. Permanent Marker
  3. Parchment /  Wax Paper (not shown)
  4. Washi Tape (I used these, these and these little cuties from Omiyage for this post)
  5. Tags | Cardstock (I use these from Omiyage)
  6. Scissors / Craft Knife

Once you’ve gathered your supplies, print out your desired template above, then head on over to Omiyage for the complete step-by-step instructions to make the stickers.  Add them to your tags, write your name and voila!

Don’t forget to pick up your extra Greeting Card template and if you’re planning an Easter feast for friends and/or family, set the table with these coordinating Washi Tape Easter Bunny Placecards.

Happy making and be sure to share your finished projects with us!




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