#OMHG Chat Update + New Weekly Posts

#OMHG weekly Twitter chat for creative entrepreneurs

It has been a wild month and our #omhg chats + regular posts have been totally wonky -matters of life and death tend to mess with our best laid plans! But I’m easing back into things and most importantly getting back to chatting with my #OMHG loves! Last month I learned that Twitter lets you make fancy embeddable widgets with a few clicks so from now on each week on Thursday morning I will make a new post for our chat and we can all meet up right here on the site + if you missed it you can scroll through right on this page.

Today from 1-2PM EST at OMHG we are wrapping up our Project 2014 theme chatting about unicorns, cupcakes & businessy goodness a.k.a sharing how we stay positive and get back on track when things don’t go as planned in work or life. Join us below:

Missed the chat or wondering what the heck #OMHG is? Visit our chat page for more info + scroll through past #OMHG tweets below. Be sure to let us know in the comments how you keep your spirits up!

PS: Next month is our Skill Swap theme (submit!) and I am looking for #OMHG facilitators to co-host our chats in February and share a skill with our community. Message me on Twitter or email if you’d like to volunteer as a co-host & share your skills with us!