QOTW: Do you need to say no or let go?

QOTW on Oh My! Handmade: Do you need to say no or let go?This month on OMHG we are sharing thoughts and resources on organizing everything including how to keep things from total chaos during times of stress or crisis. Overwhelm is something everyone struggles with at some point no matter what kind of work we do or how well organized all our things are. Sometimes awesomeness happens and we are suddenly hugely busy or awfulness comes up and we need to rearrange to cope, quite often it is more a mix of both with little things piling up until suddenly something has to give. If we want to have time for what matters some important choices need to be made and there isn’t an app for that!

This week we are asking:

Are there things in your life or business you need to say no to or let go of so that you can make space for what matters most?  Or times when you did and it made a world of difference?

Lets have an honest talk about how saying no/letting go can help us cope with overwhelm and what we’ve learned by putting this to work in our own lives.

Our weekly questions are based on our monthly themes & we’ll be digging into them at our #OMHG chats Thursday from 1-2pm EST. Meet up in the comments, our chat, or member community to talk about our question of the week,  connect with other makers + entrepreneurs to learn from each other and swap knowledge.

We want to hear from you & share your goodness, our deadline for Operation Organization is May 15th + check out our open topics and submit your posts here.

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  1. colleen attara says:

    Oh Jess…..saying “no” more realizing I am making way for the “yeses” that feed my soul. Planted so many seeds last year and my garden came up all at once. Weeding it and nurturing it and being very selective about what grows in it. Just because it does not means it stays….

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