Growing through Giving: My Wonderful Walls

by Jessika Hepburn, O Happy Day Handmade

Have you ever thought of painting a mural in a child’s room but been intimidated by the possibility of making a terrible mess of the walls? I have! So I was excited to learn about My Wonderful Walls, the Chattanooga, Tennessee based business of artist and designer, Michael Goins. My Wonderful Walls specializes in wall stencil kits that will help you easily transform any wall into a beautiful, professional looking wall mural.

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My Wonderful Walls offers a ton of themes like the farm scene above to the modern polka dot wall stencil pictured below as well as canvas kids wall art that can be personalized to match your decor.

I learned of My Wonderful Walls after being contacted by Stephanie Goins about their Growing through Giving program. They have partnered with the T.C. Thompson’s Children’s Hospital, a local hospital providing urgent care to kids in the Tennessee Valley. They donate and install canvas murals in the hospital every month, as currently many of the children’s rooms are bare.  I am a major believer in the power of art to lift the spirit and engage the heart and I can’t imagine anyone who needs that more then a sick child and their terrified families! So of course I was more then happy to share their program with Oh My! Handmade readers.  It is a wonderful example about the importance of growing your business through giving, no matter what your product or service is.

my wonderful walls, wall stencils, wall murals, kids wall artI have a strong social conscience and love to be an active part of my community, now that I am editing Oh My! Handmade I wanted to share that passion in some way. So I created the Oh My! Handmade Holidays giveaway, which has already generated a lot of positive growth for our online community. Are you growing your business through giving or planning to in the future? I would love to know!


  1. allie says:

    how NEAT is that? I love the idea of their business but i love it even more that they put their murals in hospitals.

    Starting in December I’m donating all my profits to orphanages in Haiti and Uganda. We’re blessed financially through my husband’s job so it only makes sense to bless others through my “job” of sewing.

  2. Chonte says:

    I am definately growing my business through giving. Taught mostly by my mom so is a selfless philantrophist, I donate all of my unused supplies including scrap paper to my daughters school who in return allows the children to make new art projects using them. (Everyone at the school knows all about Journey’s mom :).)

    I am also a Wish Grantor and active counterpart of Wish upon a Wedding (Orlando Chapter). Wish upon a wedding is an non-profit organization that grants weddings and vow renewals for couples facing terminal illnesses regardless of sexual orientation . Individuals within the wedding industry come together and provide their time and services to couples who want to get married but are unable to afford it because of their medical situations. Please read more about this wonderful organization here:

    This is how I’m moving foward to giving back and growing my business… the rewards definately out way the hard work!

    Love you OHMY! keep up the good work…

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