Handmade Christmas Ornament Exchange

handmade holiday ornament exchange, christmas ornaments, modern handmade child

By Michelle Vackar | Hi Mamma Designs | Modern Handmade Child

A new little bundle of joy joined our family about three weeks ago.  My sister and brother-in-law had a little girl and “Sweet Pea” was welcomed by her three big brothers who are excited to watch out for her as she grows. A group of ladies and I have each selected a day to bring a meal over to them so that they did not have to cook. It was just one less thing that they did not have to do and be pampered for a little while! I brought one of our favorite recipes, Sausage, Kale and White Bean Soup.

handmade holiday ornament exchange, christmas ornaments, modern handmade child

While delivering their meal, we start talking about one of our favorite topics…crafting! My sister’s three boys and my two daughters love to craft so we planned to have a craft playdate the following day. We decided to make handmade Christmas ornaments. Now I must admit, I am a person that takes each holiday fully in turn and will not put place another holiday’s decoration up until the present holiday has passed. So for me to start crafting for Christmas is something that is just not normally in my personality.  But since I am hosting a handmade holiday ornament exchange it seemed like a great idea and we had a lot of fun!

handmade holiday ornament exchange, christmas ornaments, modern handmade child

The cool thing about this ornament exchange is that it does not matter where you live. Anyone can participate if they are willing to RSVP by November 20 and mail out their ornaments by December 6 (with the goal of it arriving before Christmas so that the receiving families can enjoy the handmade ornament you made). Click here to get started and learn more about the ornament exchange.

If you are interest in participating and live in Canada and would like a Canadian family please let me know and we will make sure you are matched with a Canadian family (and the same for United States residents as well).

handmade holiday ornament exchange, christmas ornament, modern handmade child

At our craft playdate we made fuzzy wooly sheep (and a duck) as well as glitter ornaments. The cool thing about the “fuzzy sheep” is that if you want to change the color of the yarn, it is so very easy and you have created another animal for your tree. For our tutorial on how to make the fuzzy sheep and to see our craft playdate please click here.

Happy  Crafting!


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