Creative Inspiration from a Foreign Land

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A trip to the newsstand is one of the best creative pick-me-ups. Here in Japan I am absolutely spoiled for choice when it comes to magazines about living a creative life. My favorite go-to magazine is actually a craft kit mail-order catalog. Unfortunately delivery is not available outside Japan but if you have a foreign-language enabled computer then the website is a real treat. You can view the current catalog online and there are tons of gorgeous photos to look at.

Of course I would love to be able to order every single thing but I am happy to simply be inspired by the wonderful quirky color combinations, the visually fascinating photo layouts and the use of different fonts and page elements. The whole magazine is a delight to ‘read’ from cover to cover. It’s bright, cheerful and overall uplifting. I am always full to the brim of ideas and things to try in my own business since I wear all the hats – designer, maker, photographer and sales manager.

The magazine is called Couturier and to view the digital catalog click the pink square on the right immediately under the large scrolling picture banner. Please remember that all the photos, text and project ideas are copyrighted by the publisher Felissimo (the same company who brought us the wonderful 500 Colored Pencils ).

If a trip to a real bookstore is more your cup of tea then pop over to the Kinokuniya website to see if there is a store near you. Japanese craft books rank right up there with sushi and cherry blossoms if you ask me.


  1. Thanks for sharing this Jacqui.

    The images, colours & products are amazing – and the Japanese letters are just beautiful.

    Headlines from news websites (I like the BBC) are always very clever when in need of inspiration – short and to the point, enough to get readers interested and short enough not to lose their interest.

    And there’s no risk of me spending hundreds of pounds on pretty things from the BBC news site….. Couturier looks far too risky for my credit card…. ;o)

  2. Oh I hear you Lucy! A lot of the things on this website are by monthly subscription so you end up spending quite a lot if it repeats for several months! I love the things I have gotten though.
    I’ll visit the BBC when my credit card needs a rest!

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