Ingredients for Creative Recipes

Ingredients for Creative Recipes, Handmade Success

I read this quote from Melody Beattie this morning and immediately thought of Oh My! Handmade and this month’s theme of cooking:

“Life is creative, and so are you. Let the creative energy of the universe come alive for you. Let it help you bring your creativity alive. Let it bring you the answers, the direction, the guidance you need to create. Let it bring you your ingredients.”

Just like all of the delicious recipes that have been shared here this month your creative goals and dreams also require specific ingredients. Sometimes cooks start out with the ingredients on hand and learn that they turn into an amazing dish that they have not thought of before. Other times they know exactly what they want to make but need to make sure they have all of the correct ingredients to make sure the dish turns out as expected. There are also times when they know they want to make a specific recipe but switch some of the ingredients along the way and come up with something new that they never knew they would love so much.

I believe all of these kitchen and cooking scenarios could be applied to our creative dreams also.

Are you unsure of where you want your business to go or what your dream career/life would be?

Then start with the skills you love using and ask the universe to show you the other ideas, steps, and ingredients needed to create the career/business/life/recipe that fulfills those passions.

Do you know exactly where you would like to take your business or career or life?

Then ask the universe to help you find the ingredients, skills, people, connections, and training needed to make that recipe for success turn out perfect!

Think you know where you want to go but feeling an itch to try a new ingredient or skill?

Then ask the universe to show you the skills, situations, and ingredients needed to put your unique twist on your dream recipe.

Sound like a plan but wondering how to ask the universe for these creative ingredients?

Take a some time each day, this could be in the morning, afternoon or evening to spend about 10 minutes with just yourself. Get comfortable. Close your eyes. Listen to music with no words if you like. Take some deep inhales through your nose and exhale them out of your mouth. Let go of any tension or doubt that you are holding onto. Then just begin to breath deeply through your nose. Visualize your dream career or business or life. If you don’t have one in mind begin to think about the skills you are passionate about using. Then ask the universe – you do not actually have to address the universe by saying anything like “dear universe” but you could –“Show me the ingredients, the direction, the guidance, the answers I need to create a recipe for a life, career or business I am passionate about.” Then pause. Notice if anything comes up right away. Sometimes the answers will be immediate, sometimes they will be subtle, sometimes they will be slow, and sometimes you will not be able to miss them.

If you get into the habit of letting go of doubts and tension (even momentarily) and regularly asking for the ingredients for your dream recipe you will begin to create the delicious dish that is your life/career/business!

Is there a recipe you are thinking of cooking up in your life? Are you looking for the creative ingredients for your dream recipe? Please share with us in the comments!

Kerry Burki loves art, yoga, mystery novels, vintage handbags and being a mama. She is the editor of the blog Handmade Success where she loves providing a daily resource for creative entrepreneurs. You can also find her sharing bits of life, handmade love, and stress-relief tips at



  1. Thank you Kerry. I have many questions for the universe as late as I am considering wholesale and new ventures. You made asking for a bit of creative guidance easy…….

    I, too, love vintage handbags….

  2. Kerry says:

    Thanks ladies! It was a lot of fun to write this post!

    @colleen – It can seem so overwhelming when you want new things to happen but already have so many things going on. I am happy that you like this approach of letting the universe help you. I think will be amazed by the results! Happy handbag hunting!

    @stephanie – I never found the time to submit a recipe so I was so thrilled when I read that quote and discovered the inspiration to join the Kitchen Party! Happy to be here!

  3. Hi Kerry. I think I’m continuously tweaking my (business) recipe. Discovering new ingredients along the way, tasting some before deciding whether or not I will add them to the mix, getting curious about the endresult. It’s all one big (kitchen) party! I hope the universe will send me a sign to tell me if I’m heading in the right direction. 🙂
    x Tania

  4. Kerry says:

    Hi Tania! I love it that you got in the kitchen with me! I feel like I am doing the same thing and even writing this post was part of me making my recipe. I hope to help you out in the kitchen and share in your delicious end result! Good luck!

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