Lighten Up, Let It Go, Laugh

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The epitome of ironic:  Stressing out over writing a blog post reminding folks to lighten up.

I spent the last two and a half weeks attempting to write some funny and inspiring, witty little ditty about lightening up. I wanted to address this state of the internet/blogosphere I was seeing lately, where a lot of folks just seemed ANGRY! TENSE! HOSTILE! SELF RIGHTEOUS! DEFENSIVE! INDIGNANT!

My attempts to remind people to lighten up, without sounding SELF RIGHTEOUS! or HOSTILE!, failed.

So did my attempts to chide them in a fun, Dr. Seussian-style poem. I tried though. I tried and tried until my brain was fried…

Laugh Critters

I finally gave up and drew these dudes instead.

Laugh Critters 2They  may not convey everything I wanted to say, but if they make you smile or laugh at their goofiness, then AWESOME!, I’ve created good  energy to help counteract the bad juju going around lately. And if you take these sentiments to heart, put them into practice, and add your own goofy, good vibes to the mix, well, then I guess I’ve actually accomplished what I spent the last few weeks failing to put into words.

P.S. If you find these humorous or amusing, I’ve made a PDF file of them for you to download. You can make yourself a “lighten up” banner or maybe just spread these cards around to others that might need a reminder.

To lighter days and bigger laughs!!


  1. Mary Ellen says:

    I’m sooo sorry to have missed this download. Our extended family could certainly use to lighten up. Unfortunately, we’re a pretty serious bunch.

    I get a 404 error when I attempt to download

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