Celebrate The Little Things – DIY Washi Tape Ribbons

Sometimes the littlest things make the biggest difference in our day. The cashier in the supermarket who smiles (and doesn’t pack canned goods ON TOP of your tomatoes). The stranger on the subway who helps you pick up the change you dropped. Your husband taking out the trash without being nagged asked. Little things which add up in a big way.

These fun washi tape ribbons are a sweet way to celebrate the little things. Your daughter’s perfect score on her spelling test. Your best friend’s amazing hair.

If you’re amongst the awesomely outgoing, perhaps you’d like to keep a few on hand to give to kind strangers when a little thing makes your day a little brighter. A bit more reserved? Not to worry, you can have fun with washi tape ribbons too!  Why not make some as name tags for your next event? Or they would even make pretty fantastic gift tags.

I made these ribbons in 2 sizes. The larger ribbons are approximately 3.5″ x 6″ / 9cm x 15cm and use 25mm (1″) wide washi tape. Small ribbons are approximately 2″ x 4″ / 5cm x 10cm and use standard 15mm (5/8″) washi tape.

supplies needed to make washi tape ribbons

You will need:

Washi Tape in your choice of colours & patterns

Card Stock in a neutral colour


Optional: Circle Hole Punch, Glue

Cut or punch 2 circles out of the card stock. To make a large ribbon, you will need 2″ / 5cm circles. To make a small ribbon, you will need 1″ / 2.5cm circles.

How to pleat washi tape around a circle

Take one of the circles and stick the loose end of your washi tape to the card stock circle so that about 1/3 of the width of the tape is overlapping the circle. The remaining tape should be hanging over the edge of the circle. Work your way around the circle, pleating as you go. Do not tear or cut the tape until you have finished the entire circle. Cut the end of the tape and tuck the loose end under the first pleat for a seamless look.

stick washi tape to card stock and cut out

Stick two strips of washi tape to your card stock. Strips should be approximately 4.5″ / 11.5cm long for large ribbons and 3″ / 7.5cm long for small ribbons. Cut out strips and snip angled cuts in one end of each strip.

Attach strips to back of medallion with more tape!

Attach the strips to the back of your washi-taped circle with glue or another strip of washi tape.

diy washi tape ribbon

Finally, stick the second circle to the front of your ribbon with a washi tape loop or glue.

Ta da! Your washi tape ribbons are ready for your next event or to hand out to friends/coworkers/strangers you think are awesome!

Who would you like to reward with a washi tape ribbon? 



  1. Kat says:

    So lovely! Im going to make these for my fella when he notices the load in the dishwasher is actually clean, and it would be a good idea to empty it rather than put dirty things in!

    Thanks 😀

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