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I am Colleen Attara of Colleen Attara Studio and I am a treasure hunter/eco-artist.  I love to use salvaged materials that others see no value in and create something full of hope and color.

Click through the pictures below to visit the shop and find a treasure of your own:

believe snow/colleen Attara

I  hand-script words from salvaged plastic that make sweet gifts all year long.  This “believe” above looks right at home on the branches of a Christmas tree or on a holiday table.

A few months ago, I felt a pull to listen to the writer within me and a whole line of new work was born. It has been like treasure hunting deep inside myself.

I have been writing all my life, sometimes just a sentence and at other times, chapters. I am using all of these words that I have saved pressed between pages in books, plus new ones that come effortlessly out of me.

I sew special photos together and change colors and composition by layers and thread.  I add in pieces of fabric, vintage stamps, postcards, painted paper and all the bits and pieces that fall to the side of my studio desk or on the floor as I am working (I cannot help it. I love the pieces that are left behind most. I always have.). My stitches are bold and the hanging threads become part of the artwork.

In “heart light” my feet are on a porch in New Hampshire walking towards a New Jersey shore sky:

This print below is inspired from three different studio photos.  You can see a “yippee” written out in chalk. And  I do wish I was more mature.  But I’m just not. I wrote this thought in my cell phone and here it is in full color. Do you feel like this?

ColleenAttara/ mature

These prints (and 16 more) are now in my shop (a big thank you to Matt and Darice!) and each 8 x 10 print ($30) is stitched so that when it is framed, thread can wander a bit.  I never like to stay in the lines.


Each print and word is packaged sweetly with washi tape and string, I always add a little note. Right now there is a free shipping option in my shop at checkout.

mailer & print/colleenattara

I wish you all a very merry holiday season…one that is less of a push and so much more of a dance. xo.

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