Taking A Little Break (but we’ll be back soon!)


It has been the busiest month of all time for our little family! I’ve tried super hard to keep all the balls rolling with moving into our new house and brand new site but our sweet new house turned out to be waaaaay more work then we had thought and we’ve uncovered all sorts of fun stuff like rotting wood, mice (are really not very nice), and other grand old house gifts. At the same time our new website is taking longer than we hoped to get all set up and we’ve experienced a few set backs. I feel like I’ve been running in a blind panic since I got home from SLC and it has started to catch up to me. In order to get us all moved into our real life home and our virtual one OMHG will take a wee break until Tuesday, March 5th when we’ll get back to posting as usual. This is the first time I’ve ever delayed starting a new theme and shifting a number of scheduled posts-it is especially hard since it is our 3rd annual ethics theme which is one of my favourite topics to explore with you! I just can’t see a way around it this time although I have learned some good lessons about not setting myself up to have two major life changes happening at once.

Making our dreams happen usually involves months or years of planning and work followed by a huge rush of gettingitdone.  We are right in the middle of the make-it-work part and have been up every night until 2 or 3 AM then again with the girls at 7am to pull it all together.  This move has been a year in the making and I can promise you we won’t be doing it again any time soon! Think of us this weekend while we paint around our small beasties, move our stuff that has been in storage for 8 months in Chris’s parents garage, and dig ourselves out of the snowstorm that is coming tonight.  Chris and I have moved over 15 times (including from coast to coast) in the 10 years we’ve been together and we have some pretty ridiculous moving stories, right now we are exhausted and want it to be over but we know soon this crazy year of moving will be another silly story to share with friends like you!

I would love if you would keep us company by sharing your own moving stories/mishaps/adventures/lessons learned in the comments-it will remind me that there is a light (and a bed) at the end of this move. 

Dusty paint covered hugs to all of you- see you in March from our house on the hill!

You can also follow along our adventures on Instagram when I manage to grab a second to snap a picture:)

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  1. Stacey Brown says:

    We’re in the midst of selling our house and moving across the province (Brandon to Winnipeg) and it’s been easily the most stressful thing I’ve ever done. And I’ve moved from Manitoba to Quebec and Manitoba to BC without knowing a soul in either place, but I was young then… and didn’t have a 4 year-old who keeps asking for her toys and books that have been packed away for 3 months while we try to sell the house. And living in a house that has to be in a pristine state at all times, just in case there’s a showing… ugh.

    Needless to say, I’m looking quite forward to finally selling this house and moving into Winnipeg. We’re not buying a house when we get there – my partner works for a political party & they’re not exactly the most stable positions in terms of longevity, so we’re renting. And having seen the adventure you’re having, Jessika, with painting and cleaning your new home, I’m happy that we’re not going to have to deal with (most of) that.

    Ooh! Quick moving story – I was 20 when my parents moved from the town I’d grown up in. My dad worked for the railway, so they paid for the move – the movers came in and packed everything, including the garbages! My mom was a little surprised, but didn’t object because she didn’t have to do any of it 🙂

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