Come on a Virtual Mini-Retreat with OMHG


Lettering by Shauna Lynn & pattern by Joyful Roots for OMHG


It’s Adventure Time! I’m heading to Cortes Island on Wednesday for 10 days of unplanned adventuring, some all by my lonesome and the rest connecting with other creative minds at the Hollyhock summer gathering. This year the theme of the gathering is Focus on What Matters: Community, Creativity & Compassion-three things that are the focus of everything I hope OMHG does and I can’t wait to sink into something so close to my heart! Since I can’t take you all with me for this trip (at least not until our Maker’s Retreat this October) and I’ll be mostly offline our community members are going on a 10 day mini-retreat and you are as always invited to join us…

Every day from July 15-25 I’ve scheduled posts + prompts in the forums to help us all focus on what matters in our own way – from becoming treasure hunters in our daily lives to taking one truly scary leap. We’ll be adventuring away behind the scenes of OMHG and supporting each other the whole time! If you are a member join the retreat daily or pop in anytime to the Peer Support forum, if you are not a member but want to come with us click here or on the banner below to start your adventure with our community of goodness. For one & all check back Tuesday for the start of our open 10 Day #OMHG Treasure Hunt Photo Challenge!

If you were to go on a mini-retreat what would you do, work on, or hope to experience? 


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