Music + Makers: Only The Mighty

Music + Makers: Only The Mighty | Oh My! Handmade

Music + Makers is a new series that highlights musicians and makers to share how making can connect our heads, hearts, and hands across mediums.  We pick an album by a musicmaker who is crafting beautiful songs and pair them with handmakers who are also exploring similar themes or feelings in their work.


Originally from Corner Brook, Newfoundland Kim Harris is a Halifax-based musician and inspiration. After struggling with the grief of losing her mom in her 20s Kim came home to music and solace in 2012. Now she is making waves, touching hearts, and winning awards with her new album ‘Only The Mighty’ and a message so many makers can connect with: “The Mighty are the smallest parts of ourselves, as strong as diamonds, that show themselves when they are needed most.” This album is unquestionably mighty, Kim’s voice and words both tender and fierce, calling out to the mightiness in all of us.


Music + Makers: Only The Mighty | Oh My! Handmade

I paired ‘Only The Mighty’ with these handmade treasures that also evoke a sense of wonder and mystery. Art like this reminds us to look for our greatest strengths under the stars, in the deep woods, on the tops of mountains, all the wild places that make us feel tiny and mighty at the same time.

  1. Ursa Major notebook by Twenty Fingers
  2. Embroidered triangle necklace by JuJuJust 
  3. ‘Leap of Faith’ limited edition print by Lucy Campbell
  4. Stoneware galaxy bowl by Laura Bird 
  5. ‘In the deep dark woods’ art print by Cathy McMurray 
  6. Blue suede ‘Scavenger’ wristlet by Thief & Bandit 

What are you listening to & loving now? Share your suggestions for Music + Makers!


  1. Holly Bridlington says:

    Cathy McMurray, I have just fallen in love with your print ‘In the Deep Dark Woods’. Thank you for the link to your etsy page. I just don’t know where to begin – they are all so beautiful. 🙂

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