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I Am: Beat Your Bullies with Positivity (+ a printable too!)

Beating the Bullies with Positivity + Printable

I originally posted this on 1/23 but wanted to rewrite it & tell my story to help you learn to love your true self a little bit deeper, to appreciate yourself in 2014 so that you can embrace your positive character traits and nurture them, to grow into a self assured & confident entrepreneur, so you can hold your head high no matter what happens or what anyone says.

Beat Bullies with Positivity + Printable

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I had been thinking about designing this worksheet since December, after several months of being a victim of an internet bully which left me feeling small and meek. I let all of the bully’s comments & retorts slither under my skin. I let the bully make me feel inferior, like I had no right to be happy, I let the bully squish my joy right out of me.

But then one day I woke up, and I remembered. This person doesn’t know me.

The bully didn’t know that recently, every time I take packages to the post office, I stop to give food and coffee or water to a homeless person. The bully had no idea that I am kind.

The bully didn’t know that when my son was three, he rolled out of bed and broke his femur. There was six months of full body casts and surgeries. I was out of work for two months immediately following the accident, and I lost my home. They also didn’t know that not once, during that time, did I cry. I never asked “Why?”. I never worried. I just kept on keeping on. Because I am brave, strong and positive. I knew everything would work out. And it did.

The bully didn’t know that though I don’t have a diploma, I graduated from my homeschooling curriculum (the equivalent of graduating high school) when I was fourteen because I am smart.

The bully didn’t know me the way I & people who matter to me knew me, the real me. The bully didn’t know I am smart, brave, positive, inspiring, kind, strong, and creative. I love these things about myself, and no one can take them from me. And writing it down, putting it on this worksheet, filled me with a strength and courage I never knew I had.

Telling my story here, explaining why I created this worksheet and chose some of these words, is hard. But now that it’s all written I feel a lightness, like a weight I didn’t know I was carrying has been lifted. I love myself again. I harbor no ill feelings towards this bully, rather, a sadness and love, hopeful that whatever makes them feel so bitter frees them from it’s grasp soon so they can feel as peaceful and happy as I do right now. ♥

What I hope you take away from this post is this: when you recognize & nurture your positive character traits and strengths, you can only grow better as a maker and a person, facing each day peacefully, confidently self-assured, full of positive energy. Pluck out the negative character traits & habits and replace them with better ones. Always be the best version of you.

Beating the Bullies with Positivity + Printable

How to use this worksheet:

In each bubble, write a word that represents a positive character trait of yours that you admire, that you really love about yourself. Are you brave? Kind? Funny? Or maybe logical, thoughtful, and generous? Really dive into your heart and think about you most value about your true self.

Another idea for this worksheet:

Have your child fill out one of these worksheets every few weeks and see how their opinion of themselves change as they grow & their interests change. You can help them foster & nurture their positive character traits and weed out any self doubt or self deprecation that may arise, helping them to truly love themselves as they grow. ♥

Have you ever experienced bullying on or offline as an adult? Did it affect your self-confidence and positivity? How did you beat your bully? Join us in the comments for a friendly supportive chat!


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Lu & Ed is owned and operated by monster maker Cody, who sews in a small studio from her home in Kansas City, turning textile discards into upcycled laundry and toy storage solutions for kids called Mon-stors!


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Connect with Cody 

Lu & Ed is owned and operated by monster maker Cody, who sews in a small studio from her home in Kansas City, turning textile discards into upcycled laundry and toy storage solutions for kids called Mon-stors!