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{Match + Maker} Round 1: Hong Kong to Halifax

Match + Maker | Oh My! Handmade

It’s time to play round one of Match + Maker with the first 10 submissions to our month of matchmaking. From Hong Kong to Halifax we’re pairing up makers and making matches, be sure to submit your profile to join in!

How to Play Match + Maker:

  1. Make new friends by following each other, reaching out on social media, or by email to say hi or arrange a meet up if you find a local match.
  2. Pair people up by suggesting a match in the comments or make an introduction by email or social media!
  3. Don’t forget to submit your own profile for round two of Match + Maker next week.

Match + Maker | Oh My! Handmade

Dressmaker, sewing, crafty stuff

Joanna | @pyneandsmith | FB | Email | San Clemente, California

About: Hi! I’m originally from England but now live in southern California. I have sewn since I was little, and late last year started selling my dresses online and at markets. I love anything crafty!

Seeking: I would love to make some creative & crafty friends! I’d like to meet Shoemakers, hat makers, bag makers, etc.

Loves: I love my family above all! I care about our planet, teaching my son ‘maker’ skills and spending quality time with my hubby. I value every single dress I make & send out into the world.

Makes: I make clothing, mostly dresses. I’d like to make some bags using leather, at some point. I’m pretty open to wherever my business wants to take me 🙂

Match: Ideally, someone who is a nerd like me about their skill! Interesting, creative, independent and with a sense of humor.

Mini island fabric-holic

Ven Ven Law@qtpiworkshop | FBEmail | Hong Kong, China

About: My name is Ven Ven, a Hong Kong Chinese. I am a mom, living in the most beautiful island in Hong Kong named Cheung Chau where I have my home studio for my fabric addiction.

Seeking: People who think with many possibilities, open minded for creativity but not limited to skills. I like funky and crazy ideas with new form and materials.

Loves: Details, an experience. I think handcrafts differ than manufacture products mostly because there are cares, attention to user and the experience during the process that makes it meaningful.

Makes: I make everything with beautiful fabrics, and I wanna learn about wood work!

Match: Enjoy life and eyes for details + loving heart for animals + a bit silly

Palette et ribambelle

Pascale CerdanEmail | Orinda, California

About: Artist crafter native from France I love art painting collage and making craft

Seeking: Local artist and crafter to share ideas and maybe making fair together

Loves: Art all kind of form

Makes: Collage, rag doll, greeting card, painting, papier mache

Match: To meet and craft together maybe start a creative business together

Maker Seeking Mentor or Maven for Making Waves

Beth Ardron |@PoisonPearHFX | FBEmail | Halifax, NS

About: Designer, owner, maker behind Poison Pear. Lover of dogs, cats, and inappropriate jokes.

Seeking: I would love a mentor, someone with experience with wholesale, or just someone to light a fire under my ass. Someone with big ideas, who wants to do something exciting that gets people talking.

Loves: I value the process of making, and the people who make things, whatever it is that they make. I love biking around the city, petting neighbourhood cats and enjoying a good walk in the woods.

Makes: I draw, screen print, and sew clothing and accessories. I want to make meaningful connections with other creatives so we’re better together!

Match: Someone with an established and growing creative business, someone who shares my love of the slightly weird and wonderful, someone who sees the trees for the forest.

From Sea-to-Sky to the Moon and beyond!

Donna Barker | @donnabarker | FB Email | Sea-to-Sky, BC

About: Career technical writer (20 years) for progressive non-profits; novelist (written but not yet pub’d); over-sharing blogger; Chief MemWow Creator; wife, mom, volunteer firefighter, horrible cook.

Seeking: Anyone who laughs a lot, can still imagine the blue sky on our endless rainy days, and who says, “Yes, and…” when things seem impossible.

Loves: Small town living, open-mindedness in all areas of life, being of service and – most important – creating a life where work & fun are indistinguishable; weekdays & weekends blur.

Makes: I create special event memoirs that make people say, “Wow!”.

Match: Someone who…

  • has online marketing experience.
  • has graphic design skills.
  • thinks yoga pants and hoodies are the perfect business attire.
  • laughs a lot.

New Webdesigner Looking for Mentor and Support

Audrey Harris| FBEmail |Leesburg, VA

About: Creative Entrepreneur, Multi-Faceted (can’t be pigeon-holed!), Daughter, Sister, Girlfriend…AWESOME cook and movie knowledge connoisseur…at least I’d like to think so on that one!

Seeking: A more mature creative designer, “mature” meaning only that you have been doing whatever you are doing for a good while, you are confident in your work and are willing to reach back to someone else.

Loves: Christ 1st, Family 2nd then pretty much everything else is a very strong 3rd! I love good design, THE BEACH (and oddly the smell of SPF), hunting for cool jewelry @ FOREVER21, outdoor activities!

Makes: I make websites and creatively consult small businesses! I would love to really round out my talents with a firm hold on graphic design (better than I currently have) and HTML + CSS…I’m studying 🙂

Match: You don’t have to have my same values, but someone who is patient, creative and willing to mentor, be a business buddy or someone who can reach out and say “hey, are you on track today?”

Hair bows and crochet!

Mullissa | @sapphireowlbows | FB | Email | Las Vegas, Nevada

About: Hi I’m Mullissa and I am just as unique as my name! I love anything crafty! I just love creating stuff that shows either mine or someone else’s personality!

Seeking: Fellow crafters who work from home as well that may be able to give me some advice or tips. Also just anyone who loves hair bows and crochet!

Loves: I value my family the most. I care about everyone and love meeting new people!

Makes: I make custom made boutique hair bows and crochet cozies for coffee cups!

Match: Fellow crafters who work from home.

London Calling

Hannah Miles | @utensils0 | FBEmail | London, UK

About: Creative Officer at a startup app company (designing their social media and promotional images), I work with paper and would love to go freelance and play with paper all day.

Seeking: Local crafters who want to sit and chat, supportive communities and people looking to learn and teach skills.

Loves: Tea, cake, cats, exploring new crafts, reading and meeting people to talk to about crafts.

Makes: I work with paper, making 3D objects, scenes and papercutting 2D designs and illustrations. I would like to learn embroidery, crochet and knitting in my free time.

Match: Fellow lover of crafts, an enjoyment of paper products but not necessarily a paper worker. Happy to chat over tea and cake!

Knitting Around Cleveland

Jen@KnittingARound | FBEmail | Cleveland, OH

About: Lawyer by day, knitter and blogger by night. I work so I can always be planning my next adventure in the US or abroad. I would love to knit together the law and my love of crafting.

Seeking: Looking for others who have been making their way in the craft business world to share ideas, suggestions and feedback.

Loves: My favorites are family, friends, knitting and living life to the fullest.

Makes: I knit anything and love special requests! I blog about my knitting and travels and would love to take it all to the next level.

Match: My ideal match will be anyone open to this process who has a love of crafts!

Let’s Make Stuff!

Marcy Bridges | @moonscreations | Email | Stuarts Draft, VA

About: Hey! I’m a fiber artist, originally from the DC area. I’m a wife and the mom of two; 2 years and 6 months. I believe in positivity, elbow grease, the healing power of laughter, and garden gnomes.

Seeking: Someone who enjoys laughing, will eat my baked goods, and wants to drop by for tea and/or crafty times.

Loves: My family, Yarn, Cooking, Reading, Making the world a cuter place!

Makes: I crochet dolls for a living, when I’m not working, I’m knitting. I also write when my children let me.

Match:Someone who’s crafty and will watch Korean dramas with me while we craft, or get me when I quote movies at them. Also, they should probably be ok with cats and dogs, and babies.

Now it is your turn! Make your February friendly by playing matchmaker and getting to know these lovely people by checking out their links and saying hi. I have already fallen a little bit in love with everyone who has submitted and am so excited to meet new friends from near and far. We’ll be back soon for Round 2 so be sure to submit if you want to play!

Music + Makers: Only The Mighty

Music + Makers: Only The Mighty | Oh My! Handmade

Music + Makers is a new series that highlights musicians and makers to share how making can connect our heads, hearts, and hands across mediums.  We pick an album by a musicmaker who is crafting beautiful songs and pair them with handmakers who are also exploring similar themes or feelings in their work.


Originally from Corner Brook, Newfoundland Kim Harris is a Halifax-based musician and inspiration. After struggling with the grief of losing her mom in her 20s Kim came home to music and solace in 2012. Now she is making waves, touching hearts, and winning awards with her new album ‘Only The Mighty’ and a message so many makers can connect with: “The Mighty are the smallest parts of ourselves, as strong as diamonds, that show themselves when they are needed most.” This album is unquestionably mighty, Kim’s voice and words both tender and fierce, calling out to the mightiness in all of us.


Music + Makers: Only The Mighty | Oh My! Handmade

I paired ‘Only The Mighty’ with these handmade treasures that also evoke a sense of wonder and mystery. Art like this reminds us to look for our greatest strengths under the stars, in the deep woods, on the tops of mountains, all the wild places that make us feel tiny and mighty at the same time.

  1. Ursa Major notebook by Twenty Fingers
  2. Embroidered triangle necklace by JuJuJust 
  3. ‘Leap of Faith’ limited edition print by Lucy Campbell
  4. Stoneware galaxy bowl by Laura Bird 
  5. ‘In the deep dark woods’ art print by Cathy McMurray 
  6. Blue suede ‘Scavenger’ wristlet by Thief & Bandit 

What are you listening to & loving now? Share your suggestions for Music + Makers!

Play the Name Game for a New Magazine

Help us name a new magazine for handmade business

We* are plotting a new magazine, to serve you, our craft-business-rocking friends, and we want you to help us build it right from the beginning.

First, we need your help in naming it. We’re going to ask you to submit word ideas and in a week we’ll be back to ask you to vote on our favorite names.

Ready? Let’s play!

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Spread the word, click to share: Help play the name game for a new handmade business magazine with @ohmyhandmade @TaraSwiger & @CoopPress

This part of the process ends on January 13th 2015.

*We are:

Shannon of Cooperative Press

Tara of

Jessika of Oh My! Handmade

PS. Sign up for our the mailing list to be the first to know about our progress, including when subscriptions go live. We’re also looking for an ad manager, could it be you?