Oh My! Skill Swap

Have fun this February while teaching and learning new skills with OMHG!

Our community is a marvel of collective knowledge and creative talents – we have entrepreneurs of all kinds, ceramists, master crafters, designers, illustrators, lettering superstars, writers, published authors, editors, bloggers & makers of all manner of goodness. If we put our heads together is there anything we don’t know? Let’s find out! Use the form below to teach us something about one of your skills by submitting a 6-900+ word post + along with one or more original pictures, graphics or illustrations that relate to your skills. Whether your specialty is businessy, creative, or a little bit of both teach us a little bit of what you know best whether it is designing new brands or saving old clothes. Share your knowledge and experience with our community before February 20th & join us all month long to learn new skills!

Submit below or click here for the Skill Swap post with extra ideas & graphics. 



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Thank you for sharing your skills with us! Be sure to follow all the Skill Swap posts right here.

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