DIY Recycled Lollipops

I don’t typically get along with kitchen appliances. So I’d like to preface this recipe: if I can do, anyone can.

Yay! Mom didn’t set off the fire alarm!

What you’ll need:  unlicked lollipops and other hard candies, a meat mallet or hammer, baking pan covered with foil, cookie cutter shapes (I improvised, using the circle from my bunt pan), and lollipop sticks, sprinkle toppings optional

1. Unwrap and sort candy by color  (we used dum-dums, jolly ranchers, and lifesavers)

2. Smash the heck out of them with a hammer of sorts

3. Using the cookie cutters to form shapes approximately 1/2″ inch thick (1cm) or appease your inner rebel and freestyle.  Tip: Be sure to space the shapes 2 inches apart they’ll spread + you need room to add the sticks

4. Bake for 15 minutes at 250 degrees

5. Remove from oven & attach the sticks quickly by carefully rolling in the end of candy. Add sprinkle toppings if your heart desires.

Go on, get carried away with sprinkles like Tristen (my 3yo) did!

Allowing the lollipops to cool was the hardest part! We had a blast creating our custom candies and the possibilities are endless- recycle more often, your lollipops that is.



  1. We’re planning a Ninjago Birthday party for December Alison, and I’m going to attempt to create little ninja face lollipops this way. So many possibilities for colors & parties! Or you could even make them into ornaments by not using the sticks & seal them- Imagine how beautiful they look lit up from behind!!

    Colleen + La Alicia,
    I’m prepared to drool on my keyboard after seeing your own lollipops- Promise to share? Feel free to add any tips & ideas to here as well- one of the best things about recipes is adapting them!

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