Community Challenge: Create Every Day Acts of Happiness

happy day 2013, printable happiness cards, oh my handmadeAt our last #OMHG chat we talked about how we apply our ethics to our  lives and businesses. The one thing that came out loud and clear is that we all believe in spreading love and sweetness to help create a kinder world. After our chat I read this beautiful post by Colleen Attara on The Petit Cadeau blog about spreading hope notes, then just yesterday Gabrielle of The Green Gables told me about the first International Happiness Day tomorrow. My brain had a little sparkle explosion and I just had to make these happiness cards to share with you all. Every day ethics don’t have to be dry or intellectual-they can be fun too!

happy day 2013, printable happiness cards, oh my handmade

Then my brain had another little happy dance-why don’t we ALL design happy cards and share them on our blogs this month to celebrate our ethics theme and make every day a happy day. I love the idea of having a pocket full of cards designed by our community to leave in unexpected places to brighten up someone’s day! Here are 3 ways to play along with us:


1. Download a blank .ai template  by clicking below below to make your own happy cards then share the link to your post + printable in the comments. I will round them all up throughout the month and spread the word as they are added so this post is a resource of happy 

2. Show us pictures of  happy cards in action by sharing where you leave them on Instagram & Twitter with the hashtag #omhg

3. Join us this Thursday from 1-2pm EST for an #omhg chat about creating acts of happiness & to brainstorm ideas for spreading the sparkle + future community challenges!


happy day 2013, printable happiness cards, oh my handmade

 {recycled flowers by Colleen Attara}

We might not always feel happy but I think we can choose to act happy and pass it along-this is the very best kind of ethics there is. Thank you Colleen, Alison, and Gabrielle for the reminder! The girls and I will be heading into the snow  to spread these cards around town tomorrow to celebrate #happyday and I hope you will join us!

Happiness from Our Community

happy cards designed by gabrielle of the green gal


Printable Happy Happy Day postcards & poster designed by Gabrielle of The Green Gables! 






10 printable Happy Cards designed by Geri of The Languid Lion! 


  1. I’m so excited there’s going to be an official happiness day! I love what you’ve done here and you’ve given me the extra push to get the printables I had in my head into action. Tomorrow I will be posting my printable happiness postcards (and a little something else) on my blog and hoping to spread the joy with it! Happy happiness day everyone!

  2. Ooh what a wonderful happy idea! I’m up for it, but have to delay mine to next month as it fits nicely with a little plan I have (and right now I am crazy busy with work and probably in need of one of those hug cards myself!) BIG smiles and hugs to you Jess!

  3. This is awesome! I love random acts of kindness like this. I just sat in on the chat and really enjoyed all of the positivity, too!

    I also made a similar printable on my blog awhile back called “Gratitude Cards” where you write a little note about why you appreciate or are thankful for someone and then send it off to them. The cards are here if you want to check it out 🙂

    Here’s another article that talks about the research on happiness…interesting stuff!

    Have a great and happy day!


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