Fifty Creative Women Who Inspire & Inform

Fifty Women Who Inspire & Inform, Oh My! Handmade

Happy belated International Women’s Day! To celebrate I rounded up a list of 50 women who have inspired and informed me this year + who I think everyone should know and love. From well known artists and authors to entrepreneurs doing their very best in the face of daily challenges, these women all contribute to a diverse, creative and inspirational generation of women I am thankful to be part of and am lucky to raise daughters in. I could have added 100s of names to this list, it barely scratches the surface of the creative women doing great work so be sure to meet us in the comments to connect us with who inspires & informs you!

50 Creative Women Who Inspire & Inform

  1. Alex Franzen: Writer, speaker, educator
  2. Alida Kinnie Starr: Musician, artist, activist
  3. Amy Ng (PikaLand): Illustrator & teacher
  4. Amy Quarry (Small Town Love): Shop local innovator, community builder
  5. Amy Turn Sharp: Poet, rebel, writer, teacher
  6. Arianne Foulks (Aeolidia): Website/branding guru, small business resource, educator
  7. Arounna Khounnoraj (Bookhou): Artist, maker, designer
  8. Brene Brown: Educator, writer, shame-destroyer
  9. Christa Couture: Musician, survivor, writer
  10. Christina Platt (Bamboletta): Doll maker, community business owner
  11. Cody Nations (Lu & Ed): Monster maker, creative champion, entrepreneur
  12. Colleen Attara: Storyteller, eco-artist, creative visionary
  13. Danielle Maveal: Maker, educator, animal activist
  14. Darice Pauselius (Pauselius): Designer, all around creative lady
  15. Dianne Gilleand (CraftyPod): Maker, educator, creative advocate
  16. Dorkys Ramos (Porcupine Hugs): Illustrator, writer, cancer survivor
  17. Dyana Valentine: Oracle, educator, why-finder
  18. Elsa Mora: Artist, paper-cutter, inspiration
  19. Emily McDowell: Illustrator, designer
  20. Gayle Tzemach Lemmon: Author, women’s advocate, entrepreneur
  21. Gennine D Zlatkis: Author, artist, illustrator
  22. Glenis Redmond: Poet, artist, activist
  23. Heather Davulcu (April Heather Art): Artist, illustrator
  24. Isa Maria Seminega: Entrepreneur, creative, educator
  25. Jan Halvarson (Poppytalk): Creative curator, blogger, designer
  26. Janine Vangool (Uppercase Magazine): Editor, magazine creator, art advocate
  27. Jenelle Montilone (Trashn2Tees): Change maker, upcycled business creator, educator
  28. Jennie Perillo: Author, cook, survivor
  29. Jessica Hische: Designer, educator, artist
  30. Jessica Nichols (Sweet Eventide): Photographer, IP activist, cancer survivor
  31. Joy Charde: Surface pattern illustrator, master doodler
  32. Kal Barteski: Artist, brush script painter, IP activist
  33. Karen LePage: Master seamstress, kind clothing advocate
  34. Karen Walrond (Chookooloonks): Photographer, writer, educator, author
  35. Kari Chapin: Author, creative advocate, community builder
  36. Kathleen & Tara (Braid Creative): Graphic designers, educators
  37. Kathy Sierra ( Serious Pony): Tech innovator, programmer, author
  38. Lela Barker (Lucky Break Consulting): Entrepreneur, educator, wholesale Jedi master
  39. Lynn Russel (Satsuma Press): Designer, letterpress printer, inspiring mama
  40. Mariko Paterson (Forage Studios): Ceramic artist, creative powerhouse, entrepreneur
  41. Mati Rose McDonough: Artist, painter, author, educator
  42. Michelle Ward (When I Grow Up Coach): Career coach, author, educator
  43. Pema Chodron: Spiritual teacher, author, leader
  44. Rena Tom (Makeshift Society): Creative innovator, community builder,  entrepreneur
  45. Shauna Panczyszyn (Shauna Parmesan): Hand lettering extraordinaire
  46. Tara Swiger: Writer, teacher, Starship Captain
  47. Tif Smith: Designer, letterpress printer, tenacious entrepreneur
  48. Tracey Selingo: Writer, educator, entrepreneur
  49. Zoe Rooney: Web developer, entrepreneur, coding rockstar
  50. YOU: Creative, kind, intelligent, resourceful, unique, talented YOU!

 Who inspires & informs you? Let us know in the comments!