Welcome to Camp OMHG!

Camp OMHG: Summer Camp for Creatives

Welcome creative campers to the second year of Camp OMHG!

We’re setting off on a two month long camp adventure to explore leadership, learn new skills and make lifelong best friends! Our Camp OMHG theme is packed with awesome: camp craft tutorials, a badge design contest, assignments + challenges and plenty of gathering around the virtual campfire to swap adventure stories.

Get Packed for Camp

Here’s what you’ll need to pack for camp: 

Planning on coming to Camp OMHG this year? Sign up for extra goodness!



Grab one of the badges or post graphics below by right clicking and saving. Post the badge in your sidebar or write a blog post about what you hope to learn at camp, link it up to the Camp OMHG archive and share your website/link in the comments to sign up.

Join in on our challenges + assignments to earn badges and extra credits, the more badges you earn the more times your name will be entered into the draw.

Winners will be chosen at random and notified on July 31st, for non-members only (members get other super special camp goodies!).





Mega thanks to the super talented Gaia Cornwall for making the fabulous illustration for our theme.

Is there something you want to learn at camp this year? Share your post, tutorial, and challenge ideas in the comments. Or visit our submission page to submit your Camp OMHG themed post by June 15th!


  1. Megan S says:

    Hi Jessika. I would like to go to camp and don’t have my site finished. Can I still attend? I am not sure of the steps to begin. I have started to write what I would like to accomplish. Thanks for your help.

      • Megan S says:

        I guess it is true you need to be careful what you ask for….. Who knew setting my yoga intention this morning would result in signing up for summer camp by the end of the day? My goal is to finish my site and start working on workshop curriculum and I have been held back the past few weeks. It has been a great process of gathering valuable resources and identifying my vision, values and goals but at some point I need to get a move on.

        This morning I headed to yoga and hit the mat knowing this is the place that will help me become focused and confident. My instructor asked us to come up with an intention for the day and mine was easy, “get inspired and take action .” She then talked about svadhayaya (I call it son of a biscuit) I remembered this idea… the concept of self-discovery or self-inquiry. In order to remember the concepts I come up with my own way to pronounce Sanskrit words. I started to think about why I have been in a holding pattern and realized it was about taking action. This afternoon was time to think of biscuits and introspection, I decided if action can cause perspiration it must cause inspiration as well.

        The enthusiasm from my yoga practice carried forward and It truly was a productive day. I worked on writing, establishing a schedule, creating and getting through the backlog of emails I missed while previously out of town. I was stoked for the path I was on. When planning my week I was ready to work on my site and knew a trip to the beach or three would help with some pictures and time to write. Because, well let’s be honest any day is more creative with a trip to the beach.

        My last email for the night about summer camp looked too good to be true! The first thought that crossed my mind was a summer camp for adults was the best ever. What an amazing opportunity to expand my creativity and learn more. This opportunity looked like a win/win to me I needed to figure out how to register. I was equally excited to see the packing list was the same as my beach packing list. The real motivator to me is an opportunity to help me become inspired and take action to reach my business and personal goals. I felt like a kid again getting ready for summer camp. This is action and inspiration from my morning intentions coming true. I am excited to see what action will bring tomorrow. Summer camp takes trips to the beach, right?!?!
        12:28 PM

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