The Gift of Presence: Slow Gifting

Slow Gifting, The Petit Cadeau

When I write the word GIFT, what thoughts come to mind?

Do you think of lovingly handmade items, created with your own hands?

Items purchased from other creatives at your local Farmer’s market, artisan fairs or makers online?

Something that can be remembered and thought of fondly, whether it be the gift of your time or an incredibly thoughtful gift.

OR does gifting involve:

Frantic last minute trips to the store trying to find something that suits?

5 am lineups to try to get your hands on that newly released item?

Frantically searching stores, or online, or both, for that gift that was asked for, but you didn’t manage to get?

Spending hundreds of dollars more than you planned to try to please someone?

For me, it’s mostly the former, but I like to hope we can ALL be somewhere closer to the middle when it comes to thoughtful gifting.

Last year I started writing about my philosophy for #slowgifting and here’s one thing I feel I know for sure. Giving gifts should NOT be stressful. Giving a gift should be something that makes you feel real joy at making another person happy. I should mean something to you, and to the other person. If it doesn’t, why are you giving a gift?

For me, #slowgifting means:

Make time for one another, enjoy the actual celebration instead of the act of the celebration.
Buy local.
Buy handmade.
Support small business.
Gift food.
Gift experiences.
Gift books.
Gift time together.

How can you incorporate slow gifting into your life?

Plan ahead.
Visit local markets, shops and craft shows.
Think about investing in one beautifully made item instead of five cheaper plastic ones.
Teach your children about gratitude and manage their expectations about gifts.
Gift for the connection, for spending time with someone, for brightening someone’s day.

What does slow gifting mean to you?

Join #OMHG on November 27th from 1-2pm EST for a chat about giving thanks this year by giving presence instead of presents and how we can cultivate #slowgiving this season.


  1. GraceFaithGlitter says:

    I absolutely adore this idea! #slowgifting is a beautiful reminder of what this holiday season should be more like. Thank you for sharing your heart!

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