100 Ways to Build Community in 2014 & Beyond

100 Ways to Build Community. Oh My! Handmade

The first week of the year has come and gone! Now that we’ve worn a little bit of the shiny off 2014 it is time (for me at least) to take steps towards making plans into reality. My Project 2014 is to gather our community for a week-long Maker’s Retreat in the most magical place ever this October, continue building a sense of place for myself and family in our sweet town + online, and help creatives of all shapes and sizes find supportive connections. I wanted accountability and encouragement for this project so I dusted off my 2011 post on 60 Ways to Build Community – writing it was defining piece for me and opened up OMHG to becoming more community focused. Once I started typing my list expanded to include everything I’ve learned from talking with creatives and my 100 Ways to Build Community personal challenge began. This year I am committing to working on every item on this list in some way and sharing my journey with you in a series of short posts you can follow along with here and 4 mini-guides that will be released throughout 2014.

The 100 Ways to Build Community mini-guide and workbook is the first in the series & available now in the OMHG shop! It is a sweet and simple 25 page digital book for anyone who has wanted to be part of a supportive network on & offline but was unsure where to begin, for people looking to find their way in a new community or career, and for those who already have a community practice but want some help along the way.

Along with the worksheets is a printable version of my 100 ways we can build stronger, happier communities, right now, in our own towns, cities, and virtual stomping grounds with tools we already have. We are all completely equipped as community builders already, this is just a nudge to help us remember! Even if you only have a teensy bit of time or love to give, the magic of a truly supportive community is that when you connect with other compassionate, creative people the support you receive in return can do nothing but lift you up.

Since I would love to spend 2014 growing our community of goodness with you in our forums the mini-guide is a free gift to all new OMHG member sign ups starting today.

I squeezed all 100 Ways into the graphic below so you could share on your own sites + networks (click to enlarge) or you can find the printable PDF version as part of the workbook. 

100 Ways to Build Community, Oh My! HandmadeThank you to everyone who has contributed to this list in some way by sharing what community means to them and being part of building this extraordinary one!

I would love to meet up with you in the comments to talk about your plans for creating community in 2014-what would be on your 100 Ways to Build Community list? What 5 of mine speak out loudest to you or are already a part of your community practice?  Meet you below or in the forums! 


  1. Karen says:

    This is so timely, as my newest project relies on community glue to keep it relevant and far more fun and thoughtful than a solo-venture. Thank you so much for these tools! (and making them printable – big bonus!)

  2. Paula Reynolds says:

    Thank you so much for this. I am realising that community building is my passion and so it was great to discover this list. And to know that there are other people out there who want to do the same!

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